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oh my gosh Babbage had a club where all the members were expected to write a letter to the club Secretary every six months and if a letter from someone had not arrived from any one member within twelve months, it was to be assumed that person had been locked up as insane and the rest of the club would find and rescue them

The primary way in which I am utterly *unlike* Charles Babbage is I love music and he very much did not

What people think a self-comparison to Charles Babbage means: I think I'm a brilliant mathematician and inventor

What I actually mean: I have a similar twist of verbal humor, I care entirely too much about a handful of things, I think very highly of myself and yet engage in frequent humorous self-deprecation, I can be excrutiatingly difficult to get along with, and I tend to view everything I encounter through the lens of my specific personal interests. Also I have questionable fashion sense.

There is a wide range of human social interaction behaviors which is what I think my friend @Wsteria described as "social grooming" and quite frankly I have similar feelings about people doing those behaviors at me as I would about them coming over and trying to pick bugs and knots out of my hair.

I hate to say that Charles Babbage is the famous figure from history whom I most resemble, but I think it might be true

I described this book as Charles Babbage's "This is not an autobiography" autobiography and I think that is the most accurate description possible lmao

Charles Babbage must have been monstrously difficult to get along with when he was alive, which I am very fond of

I'm very confused! This preface linked above appears to be the one that follows the biographical notice in question, but how on earth would I have interpreted it as "this novel is not very good, here is a summary to save you the trouble of reading it"? And it doesn't read as familiar

I went to try to find it and I find this treasure of a gem which is wonderful but definitely NOT what I read

It might be the "biographical foreword" or whatnot I mentioned? I skimmed that part.

I still can't get over the preface Charlotte Bronte wrote for Wuthering Heights that basically apologizes for how terrible the book is and gives you the cliff notes for the story so you don't have to read it.

And there's the end of it, I only got one page of the actual whole love story thing done before I lost my ebook access

This remains my favorite part of the entire project and book combined.

Maybe I should try this "read a page a day" project again.... but probably not Wuthering Heights.

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