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I'm ASSUMING it was some sort of syncing error, but I don't know.

I'm stil angry that an entire chunk of a scene in this novella draft was eaten by Evernote. I have not written drafts in Evernote since.

B: "I'm trying not to be mean to programmers"

Everyone who programs: "no go ahead"

re: Doctor Who spinoffs, licensing issues 

New theory: the "make more friends, put down your phone" movement is being shadow-run by those Nice Guys that can't get a date.

Oh by the way, the company that bought Tumblr is apparently the parent company of WordPress, which makes a lot of sense

listening to Downfall by Matchbox 20 while running through WvW on my warclaw actually felt surprisingly great

i don't often *identify* with songs, but I think it might be fair to say that I always kind of have about this one matchbox twenty song

Bleach anime, my unrelated OC 

Bleach anime, my unrelated OC 

:blobpensive: Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 1 in C
:blobconfused: Pachelbel's Canon in D
:blobwoah: Friedrich Wilhelm's Piano Sonata in Rust
:blobfearful: Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 in JavaScript

2013: Yahoo buys Tumblr for $1.1 billion, which is to say, $1100 million.

2019: Automattic buys Tumblr for less than $3 million.

so I thought that whole bingo card thing was like "check off boxes when the person toots something that matches the box, see when you can get a bingo" but then I heard people talking about like personality comparisons and now I don't know what it was

I like the first idea.

Fondly remembering my first ever game of Dwarf Fortress, where I thought "oh! the elves like wooden things! I shall trade them wooden things!" and then they got super mad and never came back.

also do please feel free to engage me on the topic of Writing Processes at any time, as long as you are prepared for an in-depth comparative analysis of minor details and having to answer a lot of questions

Culture is weird. Like, you put a deerstalker hat on an animal, and now the animal is a detective.

my favorite thing about talking to other writers about the details of their writing processes is seeing all the ways they do things differently

Disney's Sleeping Beauty is a much more enjoyable movie if you realize the protagonists are the fairies, not Aurora.

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