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what people think "talking in cat" means: mrow! meow meow mew? meowrowr!

what "talking in cat" actually means: *cants ears backwards slightly and lazily half-closes my eyes, maintaining eye contact the entire time*

i just got this sudden urge to dramatically shout "CHRISTOPHER!!" I barely even know anyone named Christopher let alone one who doesn't go by Chris, where did that even come from

.... I cut the fight at 1500 and now I'm 300 words later and I think it's going to end soon. Whoops?

Well, it's fine, I can just shift words to Part A.

the internet: "the murderous clown character in this psychological horror isn't a queer ally after all!!"

me: what the fuck is wrong with you people

Consider unfollowing that person that always leaves you feeling worse about things.

‪A story from tonight’s guild—Sally...this crazy grandma, Sally. Using crazy here admiringly. She. She quilted a dang pretty quilt. But she used gray thread to quilt the brown borders. ‬

‪Then Sally entered it in a show. And she thought 🤔 —gray thread, brown fabric. Bad choice.

‬So, using ??? Sally...wild and crazy Sally...painstakingly colored in every stitch of the gray thread. She colored it brown. ‬

‪Sally won a blue ribbon. ‬

should I make more tea

Someone just biked past with a shirt that said "Only YOU can stop consensus!"

pour one out for william shatner, who still wanders the wastes of mastodon, meandering among weathered pillars and ancient plaques, the only remains of once-vast instances, as he sobs and calls out in a faltering voice: "laaaaance, where aaaaare youuuuu"

I know "ethnicity as D&D race" is a pretty problematic concept, but I sorta *would* like to see dwarves get a sort of Korean culture - I feel like Korean technological innovations and a written language designed for utility are very "dwarfy," and it'd be an interesting alternative to making dwarves into Scandinavians with inexplicably Scots accents again.

* dwarves are hardy folk who grow potatos, radishes and cabbage

* new world cultivars are available in Faerun

* dwarves like pickles

* therefore, dwarves have baechu kimchi, takuan, etc etc.

this got sort of depressing 

this got sort of depressing 

now i'm trying to actually think of what sort of dangerous anomalous entity i am/would be/was

if i was an scp entity what type would i be

please keep in mind that i know almost nothing about scp and will have to look up your answers

i can now contemplate a future where the entire technological infrastructure of modern life is destroyed by just.... zapping the internet.

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