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i like the Western style tie though, that was a nice touch, gj past me

not that anyone asked, but, he really does look like "Magical Boy Irvine Kinneas", it's terrible lmao



i usually say "the staff weapon is a ferret" but it is also accurate to say

the polearm is a polecat

Green is an archer and by the time I realized I was subconsciously designing him to look like Magical Boy Irvine Kinneas, it was too late to change tack. >.> The bow is obv a bird, I think falcon.

Orange is an axe wielder and I can't remember what animal his axe is; I think maybe I hadn't decided on one yet?

Purple is either a flail or a whip and his is a snake.

I haven't done the character designs for Orange or Purple yet.

the Blue is of course the intellectual one but he's also got punchy brass knuckles as his weapon

I... can't remember what his familiar is. but he has a pair of them, whatever they are. one for each hand.

my magical boys are a bunch of American teenagers (because I didn't want to have to do as much research) who happen to be on a magical locus and are picked out as compatible partners by magical animal familiars who embody the powers of legendary spirit weapons

the familiars transform into the weapons and their partners take on qualities and skills of former wielders

they are, of course, color-coded in a rainbow

I was wrong and the main PoV IS red; he has the polearm weapon (who is a ferret)

*eyes suddenly light up*

My magical boys! I SHOULD PIXEL THEM!

Any differential geometers out there? I want to know if there's a name for this construction.

Going off of pattern-matching, it's tempting to define the "exterior" derivative dX of a vector field X. The quantity dX lives in endomorphisms of covectors (which is, I suppose, isomorphic to vectors tensor covectors) and is defined on a covector w in the usual way:
(dX)(w) = X(dw) - <X, dw>

Here <X, u> is defined so that <X, p tensor q> = X(p) q.

Hopefully this has the usual nice properties.

I see you are trying to start a meme. Would you like help with that?

me, having only seen the original NGE series and EoE, but having talked about it with some people sometimes, and also not having played Undertale:

so, Evangelion is Undertale and Kaworu is Flowey

i love how many of my drawings of Sam are just her looking crossly at someone/the viewer

also sorry y'all I'm making it my icon

it's too good

the cat ears will return later

y'know what I tried putting in the little electrical sparks that are supposed to be in this picture and I need to learn how to pixel electricity better before I can pull that off, so, after staring at the image for a while and seeing no further tweaks crying out to be done

I'm calling this Finished

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