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So it looks like Death Stranding is just a really convoluted advert for Monster.

That you pay for.

What the hell, Kojima

i've unironically and unintentionally used the word "actually" twice in a single sentence before. many times.

many, many times.

sometimes I wanna make a joke to people like, "just mute the word 'actually' and your problems are solved"

but then.... they'd be muting me a lot.... <.<


And get yourself an experienced legal team and a lawyer on standby.

Also, see if your area has a Support & Recovery Team / Out of Action team (terms may vary) willing to provide psychological first aid and trauma prevention help.

You all deserve to be out of jail, physically safe and supported as you recover from violence.

Please, organizers, reach out to your local street medics if _any_ of the following conditions are true:

- your action is more than a hundred people
- you have reason to anticipate Nazi terrorist organizations will be active in the area
- you are marching or otherwise playing in traffic
- you are organizing an encampment
- you are protesting the police, specifically
- you are organizing a black lives matter action

Y'all seem to think you don't deserve us but we wanna be there for you!

speaking of nintendo switch controllers, (food) 

question: Anyone have maintenance tips? I can get my voice easily in a dedicated session, but keeping it going all day and remembering is very difficult.

19th-century inventor Charles Cros petitioned the French government to build a giant set of mirrors that could be used to communicate with aliens by scorching messages onto the surfaces of Venus and Mars. His request was declined.

You know how on The Tick there was this villain Chairface Chippendale who tried to write his name on the moon? In the late 1800s, there was a French guy named Charles Cros who tried to get the government to build a giant mirror to burn messages into the deserts of Mars as a way of talking with the Martians. No shit. This guy has to go into the Paris SB.

let's all have a lizard party!!

*lies motionless on a warm surface for six hours*

I need to go visit a trial court. I tried before and ended up wandering the courthouse in a sad pile of social anxiety, anyone ever gone to watch a trial who could give me etiquette/scripts? I suspect 'sneak in, obey posted signs.'

I think my car is possessed.

I need an old Prius and a young Prius.

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