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Following @photopuck and's lead here are 5-7 things not in my (astoundingly vague) profile that are of interest to me, as tags so they're searchable...

and in general
and *nixes in general

And having reached the end of my first month of Tootplanet toots and boosts I'm going to stop reposting/boosting old toots. For now.

And everyone's favorite Eugan who started a project named after a band named after an extinct mammal posted a link to an article of security problems so bad some force you to laugh

I'm not at this point certain what fanfic I was reading. Maybe whatever the then current chapter of The Secret Collocation of Alex Mack? (Ooh, an excuse to reread)

*Leslie peeks over shoulder at fanfic*
"That is a joke, right? I'm not really expected to keep anti-tank weaponry in a purse, right?"

Update: the wild and wily Monday had tricked me into entering an odd place where I'm expected to do something called, "Work," which is not it seems a strange word for play. Fellow prisoners appear to be accepting this as normal.

Did... did my protagonist just think to herself things couldn't get any worse? *rereads last sentence* Oh Leslie, you don't say things like that. It tempts the auth-- Murphy, it tempts Murphy.

Listening to bouncy peppy music in a foreign language. Surely the obvious and perfect way to get in the mood to write about someone having a bad week.

Leslie McCormack And The Bad Week Which Was Bad And Should Feel Bad is now over 3000 words. PE shenanigans, another detention from PE shenanigans, losing a class that looked like it might have fun later in the year. And it's only up to Tuesday Lunch.

You could adapt it without having to modernize it too much, too, since it's set in a tiny little town basically in the middle of nowhere.

Man, now I REALLY want this series.

Do you know what I would watch the heck out of?

A TV mystery series based on the Cat Who books. That would be so great, especially since the primary detectives being a journalist and his bratty possibly-psychic Siamese cat would keep it from falling into the trap of most modern series of Too Much Angst.

I have now started on the section of my camp nano I'm calling Leslie McCormack And The Bad Week Which Was Bad And Should Feel Bad.

@InspectorCaracal Leslie's discovered that O'Reilly (the technical book publisher) exists in the AU. Which is good since older Leslie's computer experience is Windows & a shambling Vax system. Neither of which are in common use in the AU. Oh, and a volume of a comic about a girl and her unicorn friend, which given Leslie thinks unicorns are The Best.

Nano protagonist is now at bookstore magazine section wondering if any of the teen magazines will make anything make sense.

I also lamented that pic bot runners (primarily on twitter, as I don't recall seeing many Mastodon pic bots back in April 2017) had interesting ideas what counted as Safe For Work. And also that they shouldn't post so frequently if their image archive would repeat after three days.

Leslie's parents have decent jobs. When the story starts they've just moved for the second time, this time clear across the continent. High school with cheap clothes and a small allowance, yay. Thankfully by high school everyone is far too mature to tear about either thing. (Huh, Leslie's glaring at me for some reason)

Wait, what, you like mustard? Character, I'm disowning you.

Well, fine, I'm just disappointed with you.

Huh. And another boost linked to a PatreonHQ post about their creating a Fox Head Generator to provide more interesting user icons for those who don't upload avatars:

Dear spies, my weird search history is because I'm writing. And I'm a bit weird, that too. But currently mainly the first part.

Much arguing but in the end for the most part countries hosting portals sign treaties that cede the territory the towns are on for favorable trade deals.

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