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Following @photopuck and @kemonine's lead here are 5-7 things not in my (astoundingly vague) profile that are of interest to me, as tags so they're searchable...

and in general
and *nixes in general

20 years of programming and a decade of involvement with documentation efforts have gotten to the point where i'm perpetually infuriated with how much technology is badly (or totally un-) documented.

if your shit doesn't have a usable manual, your shit is half-finished at best.

Hello, I'm open for commissions! I only have a few slots open for now. If interested, please DM me here or email me at!

Info is here:

If you don't have an FA:

Prices are $40 per character (max 2) + $20 for a background

TOS can be found here:

Thank you for your consideration💙

Hmm, not looping. But still not quite balanced.

Oh, and it's Go! Unashamed Reincarnation Protagonist Sakura! by Aaron Peori on the Sufficient Velocity forums.

"The thing I hate the most is idiots who are too blinded by the desire for power to see how dangerous that power is."

Near as I can tell in the opening bit, we're dealing with a Sakura who's stuck in a time loop and has lived through the events of Naruto so many times that she's become bored and maybe a touch unhinged.

Pfft. From a cracky fanfic:

"My name is Haruno Sakura," she said, her expression growing suddenly cheerful. He had to admit she had the capacity to flip on the cute. With her wide green eyes, shiny pink hair and effervescent grin she struck the perfect image of a cheerful young girl.

"My favourite thing is playing games with the voices in my head. My dream..." She surged to her feet and grabbed her bicep with one hand, holding her fist heavenward. "My dream is to defeat the evil moon rabbit!"

*blinks* Um... If there's any chance your local hospital has systems written in MUMPS (a programming language that apparently was popular for health care projects in the US for a while) try not to be in the hospital during the Daylight Savings Rollback:

"Wait," he said, "I get to challenge you to a game, right?"
Death nodded. "Sure. Which game? Starcraft, Smash Melee, FIFA?"
"Wait, you play those?"
"I play every game," Death said.
"To beat mortals?"
"To while away the time until Entropy itself dies."
"Right. So... Chess?"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

The next Star Trek series should be a sitcom about Kelsey Grammer's cameo character's getting used to the 24th century.

#DesertBus story from BilzMom: when she was 10 or 11 she got a book of CB trucker jargon from the library and learned it all

her dad had a CB radio in his car, and at night she'd sneak down to the car and talk to the truckers

her call sign was Big Bird ❤️

and then she'd leave the car lights on when she went to bed so her dad would think the battery draining was his fault

Because I'm the fluffy girl who knows how to fix the Internet whenever it goes down, I'm the Network Trans Fur Protocol.

Me, every time I see Taito's pad the company used to make it's graphics: "Finally, a fight stick for real gamers."

Given that Marx's magnum opus is called Capital, it's a bit of a shame Adam Smith's wasn't named Communal Wealth.

This is the single greatest triumph of technology over itself, boost if you agree.

The American kestrel:
Is it just a grey fox in disguise as a bird? :grey_fox:

I still find, "No true Scotsman would commit the No True Scotsman Fallacy" for more amusing to say than I probably ought.