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Following @photopuck and @kemonine's lead here are 5-7 things not in my (astoundingly vague) profile that are of interest to me, as tags so they're searchable...

and in general
and *nixes in general

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おはよう (*´◡`*)♬
Kit Fox/This guy was a little too curious! by ericmaier Cascade,Idaho 2009/5

* Origin: Twitter (

I'd forgotten Batzulger wrote some BtVS/Tom Swift crossovers (Willow gets hired by Swift Enterprises)

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@natecull @freakazoid @Azure
You could say that, but that makes prolog sound too much like a programming language, which is misleading & dangerous because it makes people try to write programs in it.

The appropriate way to write prolog is to write a universe in it in which the appropriate sequence of instructions is inevitable.

Someone please make a chamber vacuum sealer that's priced like a foodsaver (sure, not the low end model, but not $500 either) and requiring less counter space than a VW Beetle.

Hey, turns out there's a procedural generation wiki

Hmm, I wonder if I can find a plain English article on procedural land generation that doesn't make my eyes glaze over (I already have one irritated eye so that's a more difficult task than usual). Hmm. There's a reddit group for procedural generation iirc and if I dare risk so many tempting links.

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“Yes, we were aware of that,” Longear put in. “Marl Lovejoy is not exactly the most shining example of Noble administrative capacity. I believe his current tasks are more congruent with his displayed abilities.”

“All he does nowadays is get drunk,” her father pointed out.


(From Royce Day's Shadow of Doubt)

Stumbled across a comment I left on one of Royce Day's story snippets:

"Oh, I guess an introduction is in order. Awkwardness, meet Ali. Ali, meet... oh, you two already know each other? That long? Oh dear."

"Imagine a nightmarish future in which the essentials of life are ruthlessly supplied to all—one where each citizen is brutally denied the cliffhanging entertainment of recurrent life-and-death crises, and where there is not even a single genetically engineered hyper-intelligent carnivorous flightless parrot roaming daycare facilities.

Benevolent providence has so far protected us from such hellishly stable futures, but it cannot prevent authors from imagining them."

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fantasy rpg nonsense Show more

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The princess had been locked in her tower for days.

The voice behind the door telling servants & nobles alike to Go Away was distinctly hers, but all were baffled as to why she had imprisoned herself.

Speculation flared; was she busy creating an epic tapestry? Hiding a lover? Was she kidnapped but a decoy was imitating her voice?

Indeed, it was an imposter.
The princess was adventuring, and her enchanted canary would be owed much millet.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

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Is the 30% off of my books with coupon code ILUVMICHAEL not good enough? Do you want to avoid putting extra money in my pocket?

No Starch is having a Day Against DRM sale. RIGHT2READ40 gets you 40% off.

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Still believing that one day Nope: Hesitant Heroine will see the light of day.

Also found documentation someone made for the xbase file format. Which isn't ludicrously complex. It's not terribly surprising chase got cloned as much as it was and the file format supported all over the place.

So the, Database Challenge (with a series of chapters describing stuff needed to implement a database along with unit tests to check your implementation) idea has been hanging around in my head and I just remembered or local library used to have a book from the 80s on the subject of writing databases using basic. Nothing like SQL, queries would be baked into the programs, but still...

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If you scrape all the corn off the cob you’re decompiling the kernel