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Please note, it's extremely rarely my intent to offend. If I cross a line, and it won't cost too many spoons, please let me know. You also most certainly have every right to block if you feel the need. This isn't a subtoot or comment on anyone else, just a note I realized I'd never made & pinned.

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Following @photopuck and's lead here are 5-7 things not in my (astoundingly vague) profile that are of interest to me, as tags so they're searchable...

and in general
and *nixes in general

Spent way too long looking at vacuum insulated food containers. Time for sleep. Good night fediverse.

1/3: Grim(oire)

Before the Mess, before the Dust, Bo’d known nothing about bookbinding.

Then, Bo had been a dabbler in spells, knowing 3 new-age ones that got mostly imagined results. Then, Bo’d been a decent programmer & a tolerable handball player & married.

Now, Bo gathered up newsprint used to wrap ceramics, cut leather from a coat with too many bullet holes to be salvageable & too many memories to try, and carefully trimmed boards from the back of a ruined pressboard bookshelf.

Fun fact: you can't name any file anywhere in windows 10 "aux.txt" or "aux" anything with any extension, because it was a reserved name in CP/M before dos was a thing.

If you commit "aux.txt" to a git repo, you break it for windows users. If you distribute "aux.txt" in a zip file, windows computers cannot extract it without error.

Accidentally bought deterrent instead of detergent and now all my clothes are gone

The Inkscape Project has just released a beta version for the upcoming Inkscape 1.0!

Find it here for testing:

(.dmg, Appimage, Windows binary and source code currently available)

#inkscape #testing #floss

Random NCAA rant 

the only good twitter post i ever made was when i asked if anthropomorphic cow milk is vegan and a vegan got really angry at me and i explained it was a kink thing and then we were friends

#2204 "Ksp 2" 

lisp people: "you know lisp is really elegant, with only a handful of operations you can do anything--"
assembly people, hollering from the toilet: "HEY DID YOU KNOW THE MOV INSTRUCTION IS TURING COMPLETE?"

"Welcome," the interviewer said, "please have a seat."
"Thank you."
"Right, as you know time engineering is still in it's-"
"-early days, yes. Only invented a year ago."
"We are looking for an experienced engineer."
"I've got five years' experience in the field."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

For the convenience of anyone about to embark on a long trip, and who needs a book to read on the way, allow me to offer my new novel and a bunch of convenient store links.

#subtoot #injectingMyAdDirectIntoThreadsIsGauche #IStillSuckAtSelfPromo

Good morning tacoverse! *blinks, reads* Fediverse, good morning fediverse!

Although now i want some tacos.

the new thinkpads have moved away from the ultra-slim trend in favor of a thicker, cuter aesthetic.

It was dark and wet outside.

Not actively, it was calm in the aftermath of the downpour. A vivid memory that prevented the sun from reappearing.

Well, okay, the CLOUDS were; I had a vague idea of how weather worked.

Humans had a way of explaining everything.

Other fey griped that it sapped the magic out of the world.

But I disagreed.

Science was just their magic.

And their science gave us Cold Brew; the most magical of elixirs!

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

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