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Please note, it's extremely rarely my intent to offend. If I cross a line, and it won't cost too many spoons, please let me know. You also most certainly have every right to block if you feel the need. This isn't a subtoot or comment on anyone else, just a note I realized I'd never made & pinned.

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Following @photopuck and's lead here are 5-7 things not in my (astoundingly vague) profile that are of interest to me, as tags so they're searchable...

and in general
and *nixes in general

Then there was the store that didn't realize an anime they had ordered was a hentai title and had a clerk in a bit of a panic wondering if they should call the FBI. Quietly telling a regular customer (me), "It, it's animated porn! That's illegal isn't it? You can't put porn in kids stuff!" "Maybe that bit there on the case that says it isn't for kids means it isn't for kids." "But it's animated!"

This said, I watched the original Evangelion by renting from the local Hollywood Video store. Whoever did the inventory purchases selected sub & dub at random. They also originally put Otaku no Video in the kids section. (The innocent 90s when video stores figured all that all anime had to be G rated. "It's cartoons. Cartoons are for kids.")

"Dad, there's a monster under my bed!"
"Oh? What does it want?"
"Wait, I'll ask..."
"It's afraid of the Roomba."
"Yeah. I'll build a Lego wall for it to hide behind."
"But dad!"
"Tomorrow. I'll turn the Roomba off for tonight."
"It says thanks!"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

*brandishes greybeard cane*
You kids and your, "In my day we didn't have no crunchy rolls. We just had three Sailor Moon video tapes at the local rental shop and we watched them over and over and they didn't have tape one, just two, five, and nine." Well when I was a wee little fen I made do with distorted screen capture GIFs and fansub timesync subtitle files.

Making fun of people for weird kinks is OUT, kink positivity is IN

Good *checks calendar* Thursday morning fediverse. Who hid the caffeine?

a sleeper sofa is just a normal sofa, but if you say the code phrase it turns into a deadly government agent

volunteer: "Yeah well Karen" [boss] "is just sitting there" [in the corner with her work laptop] "what's /she/ doing?"

me: "It appears she's participating in this odd behaviour I have observed humans do sometimes, it's called 'work'."

Karen: [smirk]

volunteer: 😆 "Work? what's that?"

me: "We're not entirely sure, but studies have shown that humans do this behaviour in exchange for tokens called 'money'."

volunteer: "Money?! What's money?!"

me: "It looks a little like this:" [shows £3].


Okay, today's topic for my worlds is: critters in Dragons next Door.

Dragons Next Door is an urban fantasy setting which leans heavily on the fantastic. SENTIENT creatures include:
Dragons & ogres, pixies & Tinies & gremlins, centaurs & harpies. Magic using humanoids are Dweomers. I haven't done much with non sentient critters & am open to new ideas.

Taking a page from @Shutsumon's book: ask me some questions! What would you like to know about beings in this world?

Your Fantasy Novel Is Too Long And What To Do About It

A blog post stumbled upon while attempting to look up a word count for Nine Princes In Amber, which it turns out is used as an example on the page. It does not however give a word count.

Single Sonoran fennec seeks soft pillows and warm blankets during this unreasonably cold and grey time. Cocoa and anime optional bit highly desired.

found some visual mnemonic flash cards for hiragana and uh

these aren't great

til: engineers in the USA knew that soviet engineers were reverse-engineering their CPUs, so they etched a russian message into one of the lower layers of the MicroVAX 78032 (you can't see it on the die, you'll only find it if you dissassemble layer after layer - like you'd do for reverse-engineering) that basically said "stop stealing our stuff". and sure enough, the message was found some months/years later (it takes time to smuggle that stuff) in a lab in Erfurt and led to awkward moments. 😁

I tried to explain to my board game friends last night over beers. They were like, “So you collect points?”. No. “Then its about seeing who lives the longest?”. Not exactly. “Then how do you win?”.

What part of Dying in Space isn’t clear?

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