*blinks* Person on bird site mentioned a friend telling about taking a published D&D module and doing nothing more than flip the gender of the NPCs. Their players soon became convinced the land was in the midst of a massive conspiracy because how else could the utter lack of male citizens be explained.

@LilFluff Yeah, I remember an author saying that they wrote something on the basis of "any mentioned character is female, unless there's a good reason for it (such as making a scene easier to read because of different pronouns)", and beta-readers thought the setting was a matriarchal dystopia just because of that.

@LilFluff @Anke I am laughing out loud and now I have to do this. *chortles*

@LilFluff Rabbit actually has a pretty cool system for picking NPC characteristics. Genderwise, I think it's roll d100 and most of the rolls are split 50/50 male/female, but once you get above a certain percentile you roll on a separate table for gender minorities.

@LilFluff ...also this reminds me of reversing Harry Potter genders. Suddenly every background character was a woman unless they belonged to some particular profession.

@skysailor @LilFluff I'm running a fantasy-Norse game on Sundays and have been making a concerted attempt to make gender egalitarian.
e.g. I try to make sure about half the names are female, including the Jarls. One of the Jarls is in fact quite interested in making the party cleric her second husband.

@skysailor @daHob @LilFluff TDE has a culture based on popular image of vikings. It includes that it's usual for the question if a child will have a patronymic or matronymic is decided through a wrestling match between their parents.

@skysailor I recall running across a furry webcomic where to avoid making all the background characters the same the person doing it made a set of tables for everything from species, gender, orientation, favorite/least-favored classes, etc.

@LilFluff this......... I play RPGs and I write RPGs and I'm like the cissest cis woman to ever cis (although not terfy and I make all my pregens have an initial and surname and people can choose any gender but like yay I love being a woman and support woman and) and YET I will still get notes back from my publisher like "this scenario has literally one woman in it what the heck" because my brain is still wired to see gender balances all hecked up.

@LilFluff Just rereading this after having boosted it earlier, and loving it all over again. #genderflip is my jam!

@LilFluff I saw that! I do wonder if that is an older adventure, as I know WotC and Pazio now have policies for more gender equality in their work?

Heck. WotC has a published policy of one or more non-straight characters in every adventure. (The first two where based on the guy implementing the policy and his husband, which is adorable and makes me happy)

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