"Are Black Holes Actually Dark Energy Stars?" http://nautil.us/blog/are-black-holes-actually-dark-energy-stars

Speculation until there's evidence, but it's exciting that there could be a model of the universe that doesn't have singularities, because those are pretty scary

@InspectorCaracal @gargron
scientists ca 1800: "space is filled with an ether, a mysterious fluid that transmits waves of light"
scientists ca 1900: "bullshit, it's empty, light is a different kind of wave"
scientists ca 1950: "well, it's filled with fields that can transmit stuff, but they're virtual"
scientists ca 2000: "space is a lot like a fluid actually"


@chr @InspectorCaracal @Gargron
Scientists circa 1920s: Know how we proved light was a wave? Um. Yeah. It's melting our brains but it turns out its waves & particles. At the same time. The updated double slit experiment shows light has to be particles. But if you keep track of where they land you'll see interference patterns as if they were waves. Even though the particles weren't even present at the same time to interfere with each other. HPL was right, the universe is maddening! Aaaaagh!

@LilFluff @InspectorCaracal @gargron ca 1940s: also all of matter is like that too, but bigger things have much smaller wavelengths

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