@alexlaw this is why one of my favorite tropes is Defeat Means Friendship

@InspectorCaracal @alexlaw it's part of what's nifty about Nanoha. Sure gaining magic let's her zap people but what she really wants is for them to talk and say what's wrong. Heck, it's a meme, there's a picture out there showing her former enemies and the level of magic stun beam spam she hit them with before they would stop fighting and talk (although bleep Quatro *glares in the general direction of Combat Cyborg IV)


@InspectorCaracal @alexlaw and a big moment in Nanoha A's comes when a furious Vita (don't disintegrate her bunny hat, just don't, weeks later she's still angry) blows up the corner of the roof Nanoha is standing on only to see her walk ominously out of the flames. Leaving a despairing Vita calling her a demon for shrugging of that attack.
"You call me a demon? So be it, I'll simply have to use my demonic powers until you're willing to listen to me and talk."

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