"my fav thing in wildlife research is the concept of animals being “trap happy” meaning the same animal goes into a trap on purpose again and again after it’s caught the first time bc it was like “hey…..there was food in there and Zero (0) predators and then they just let me go in the morning…….”

on one hand it fucks up our data but on the other hand……..I Get It you Funky Little Rodents"

"if it were pouring rain on my walk home from work at night and I found a big metal box full of pizza and a bed where no one else could bother me and the only condition is that in the cold light of day I’d have to face a bunch of scientists weighing me and then letting me go on the sidewalk I’d probably end up in there a lot."

@LilFluff Bil Gilbert's _Chulo: A Year Among The Coatimundis_ mentions a park that finally got some spillproof trash bins, and the coatis who discovered that if they dropped in there they would have a nice cozy evening with plenty of food and seclusion and protection from the elements, and they'd be let out in the morning, none the worse for wear.

(He names the park, I think, and maybe even when it happened but I'd have to like stand up to check for references.)

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