Men's fashion needs more cute. Needs more variety in general, but expanding the cute would help with that. (But anyone trying to bring fake pockets over to men's fashion should be sent back to fashion preschool - and/our have all their pockets taken away)

@LilFluff what's with the fake pockets in female clothing? I remember my wife being utterly surprised that each of my pockets are actual pockets.

@InspectorCaracal what if I'm louder in advocating for real pockets and accurate sizing for women's clothing? (Sends autocorrect to stand in the corner)

@LilFluff They're not bringing fake pockets to men's clothing are they? *starts hyperventilating*

@cstanhope *blinks at a sudden memory* well if you've worn a tux with a cummerbund you've technically had a fake pocket (old cummerbunds had enough space in the folds to store a few keys, tickets, money, etc. While most modern ones are purely decorative). A bit of trivia I picked up in high school choral when we had to pick up tuxes for an event.

@LilFluff Oh yeah... I've only worn a tux twice, so I forgot about the impractical pockets available on those.

@LilFluff I'd love even some dress shirts made with vibrant Indian fabrics.

@LilFluff I want a sleeveless pink men's muscle hoodie with bunny ears on the hood or stegasaurus plates along the back

So I can work out in it and make the straight boys uncomfortable

@LilFluff Yeah, I don't know of anything particularly interesting about men's fashion. The most interesting stuff I can find is "garble on a shirt". I'd like to try cute, but I'm sure that would get noticed here and I don't want to be center of attention.

Also an observation: I can't think of any item of men's clothing that can be described as sexy.

I agree 100%. I worked in the theatre dept's costume shop as an undergrad, and recently I have became so fed up with the lack of cute that I am working on making my own cute clothes and "women's" clothes with pockets. I philosophically refuse to make any dress/skirt without pockets, or at least a pocket.
I mean for menfolk we went from "damn look at those legs" in the 16th c. to late 19th c. boxiness to Men's *Warehouse* in the 20th...ugh.

@LilFluff So much of male fashion is monotonous. Went to two stores opposite one another yesterday and compared clothes and pricing. Most products looked the same (some differences in fitting options) and the only really unique things were the ties, bow ties, and socks.

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