From a fanfic in which Spiderman is tossed into the DC comics universe (Gotham to be specific)

When one Self-Insert character encounters the results of another SI's actions (from Sugar Plums, a fanfic that builds off Dreaming of Sunshine which is a Naruto self-insert fanfic)

The important things: from early in Magical Girl Neil, after being informed that he was seen and photographed Neil asks the obvious question:

From the Fanfic Belated Battleships, New Jersey has a question:

Hmm. I think these have usually come out more 50/50 in the past.

From the Potter AU fic in which the cast go to a spy school rather than a school of magic. Hermione is rather dangerous.

From a Buffy/Avengers fanfic (Sally I didn't mark down the title). It turns out Darcy writes fanfic.

Huh, I made it further into Dreaming of Sunshine than I thought as I tweeted two years ago this from chapter 152.

So four years ago while cleaning I discovered two ancient artifacts in my closet. For you youngsters who should get off my imaginary lawn three are how you got online before cable internet and DSL. The to one is a 0.056 megabit per second telephone line modem and the bottom one 0.0024 megabit. Oh. And when you used them to go online you couldn't use your phone for voice calls. We also had to climb uphill both ways through dust storms (this is Arizona) to get to school.

If you watched the movie Kick Ass, the name and logo of the comic shop was borrowed (with permission) from a former Arizona comic shop that I occasionally visited prior to its demise.

As I noted on bird site a bit over two years ago, sports bottles are perhaps more accurately called adult sippy cups

Hermione is scary even in, maybe especially in AUs:

Rereading Dungeon Keeper Ami. The poor Sailor Scouts are not quite sure what to make out of their scrying of Ami. From a section originally posted October 10th of 2009.

A bit after the screen captured bit:

"I can sense Evil, but it feels different than that of the Dark Kingdom," Rei provided an additional piece of information and clarifyed nothing.

On the other hand while getting lunch I discovered some local vulpines have started a business.

The protagonist in the Battletech fanfic False Prophets had inherited a mercenary company with a museum & gift shop. Plush mechs for all the kiddos.

Time for another episode of Things I Won't Work With, one chemist's series of blog posts about compounds that make nitroglycerine seem like safe, soft, cottonballs enclosed in bubble wrap. From 2013 it's Azidoazide Azides.

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