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Kids + magic + knowledge of muggle big booms + exposure to The Shipping Chart...

Chapter 9, and iirc the first bit I ever saw of The Dragon King's Temple:

Cats today chase the red dot of laser pointers. 1940s cats are not impressed

Okay, I have decided that my December thing will be assembly language, or Dec-embly. I thought about using an emulator for some variety of 8-bit system like the C64 or apple, but I'll do a simple VirtualBox vm with DOS and this book I already have. One month, let's see what I can learn in 31 days.

"Uncle Wallis works absurd hours and the house looks like he didn't spend any time in it prior to my arrival. There must be a sidequest here!" Wait, Yu, that's the sidequest you're taking on?

From birbsite, something that will make perfect sense to anyone who has done any writing

Not the best image, but the best my tablet camera can manage

In the event you thought your cat was unique in doing decidedly dangerous things