So someone brought up the idea of a Space Battleship Yamato/Battlestar Galactica crossover and the inevitable awkward scene:
"Our home colonies were destroyed & we're being chased by our enemy. But we're heading this way where our records say Earth is to seek refuge and allies against the Cylons."
"Oh. Um... yeah..."
"So that's basically our mission too. Only we're from Earth, which has been all but destroyed by the Gamilons. We've less than a year to pick up supplies to rebuild."

@InspectorCaracal "They took two of the planet's finest predatory species and they keep them as companion creatures. The humans even let these predators play with their offspring!"

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*peeks at Rising of the Shield Hero description* okay this will either be a cringe fest or really good (or maybe good yet still cringy)

Reading up on parsing modules is getting addictive. If I'm not careful I'll start learning the difference between LALR(#), PEG, and whatnot instead of simply how to use them.

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like i kinda don't wanna touch this? this looks really good
maybe i'll just be very gentle

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@jdlwerewolf nice! I love the sort of sheepishness the fangs and floof are giving him.

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Heh, presentation title: Parsing [[Horrible]] Things or "I accidentally the Chomsky hierarchy". (Erik Rose)

@InspectorCaracal succinct and correct! Now if only more projects would remember that.

"A video is not documentation" means write your bleeping documentation, not "videos are evil, stop making videos". The combination of written documentation and videos as helping me grasp how to use parsers. Effectively watching over someone's shoulder as they start from step one and get something working? Great! But once I'm comfortable with it I'm going to much prefer referring to when docs rather than hunting down that one moment in an hour long video (or part and time within a series).

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