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Good morning everyone! One morning closer to the weekend! We're pay the halfway point, don't lose hope, just two more sleeps until guitar lesson day! (Well, if you're me, which I'm pretty sure you aren't since I'm fairly certain I'm me not you. (You'd let me know if we'd swapped places, right?) I don't have your schedule so you'll need to change that to your thing for this Saturday)


おやすみ… (*´◡`*)
Sleepy Foxy by J. Dobbs Detroit Zoo デトロイト動物園

* Origin: Twitter (

Poor in various senses of the word. A decade in various group/foster homes, not much money, no relatives anywhere nearby, a were in a setting where that doesn't mean super powers... But he does have a roof over his head, food on the table, and a bed to sleep in.

My babies in standard and pocket sizes, out of their boxes. Quarter for scale.

I was going to write a Worldbuilding Wednesday blog post about starting to build up a setting around my poor werefox boy, but I really don't feel like turning on the laptop. Probably go to bed early (which is to say at a somewhat reasonably time :p) instead. Maybe I'll do it tomorrow (and still call it Worldbuilding Wednesday because alliteration). Or keep worldbuilding and post next Wednesday.

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: "When a human says 'hold my beer', that's a warning. That's when you run. ESPECIALLY if the said human is not currently holding a beverage."
#writingprompts #writing

"So, can you infect people?" the werewolf asked.
"What?" the mermaid said.
"Well, we can, vampires can, so-"
"Shame. I love the sea."
#MicroFiction #tootfic #smallstories

*Ponders* in a world with various kinds were____ people, would furries wearing fake ears/tails be considered rude/inappropriate?

you: welcome to wolf zone. youre a "furry" now !!!

me: oh shit goddamn uhhh............ awfoogh

you: im soryr but you must leave wolf zone

I used to always carry about twenty or so index cards binder clipped together. Handy for quick notes, maps, whatnot, and one could easily be pulled out and handed to someone. Not sure when or why I stopped.

Anyone use a disc binding system? I keep getting tempted by the idea, especially now that the corner office supply store carries one.

I've decided werefox boy's world has open were communities. And that it is not something you can catch from a simple scratch or bite.

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Arctic Fox by jaminphoto Manitoba,Churchill 2009/11/6

* Origin: Twitter (

And it must be a world where were are known and accepted since he constantly keeps food ears and tail visible (because cute). That or people just assume he's a furry.

An orphaned high school aged werefox boy in some sort of not wonderful but not horrible group home. Who has become cuteness obsessed, because hey werefox so he's got that going for him if nothing else. Of course high school is a great time for a boy to want to be cute, no social issues there .

I think without really intending to I've started creating a character, poor kid.

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