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Neko @Neko

"Miss foreigner! Hello!"
"Where are you from?"
"What is a Scotland?"
"England. I'm from England."
"Oh! Harry Potter! Peter Rabbit!"
"That's right."

A recent Japanese conversation. A lot of my conversations with strangers here follow a similar pattern. If I have time, I'll always use it to explain the weird structure of the UK, of course.

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@Neko That's funny, a fair number of people I speak to know about Scotland even if it's only "OHHH WHISKY!" and something about eating sheep whole

@purplemontart @Neko I presume they mean Haggis by the latter X-D

@purplemontart @Neko FWIW, the MOST SCOTTISH thing I can think of are bagpipes.

@Anke @purplemontart When I visited home last year, the sound of the pipers on the streets made me a bit misty-eyed. I've become one of those types now, it seems. x_x

@Neko @Anke Ahaha. There was a piper in my home town last week and my only thought was "why here"

@purplemontart @Anke @Neko Bagpipes make me super emotional. There's a European Championship in my town every year and I willingly sit in a park listening to about 150 of them, like a madwoman. A madwoman with a lot of booze.

@emaree Have you ever seen Battlestar Galactica? The music they use for the theme of family and community sounds so Scottish and makes me feel so many things. Youtube "Farewell Apollo" from the soundtrack if you're unfamiliar. I had it playing in my head every time I was homesick when I first moved over here.

@Neko I have, and I know *exactly* the pieces you mean! It has such a beautiful soundtrack, and it's so unexpectedly Scottish, I love it.

@emaree @Neko @Anke Get a piper to play Highland Cathedral and I'll be bawling in seconds

@purplemontart @Anke @emaree What a tune! I actually heard that at the Scottish festival in Nagasaki, and I required a Moment.

@Neko @Anke @purplemontart I just stuck it on YouTube in the office and this was a mistake, I don't know how to deal with these feelings, I FEEL LIKE I CAN CONQUER THE WORLD BUT ALSO I'M SO SAD

@emaree @purplemontart @Anke Oh my gosh, I know exactly what you mean. It makes me feel so... nostalgic? It's like when an epic story's just ended and you're looking back on the long adventure you've been on, remembering where you started from and how far you've come. I don't know.

@Neko @Anke @emaree Yesss exactly. It also always made my Gran cry, something that was apparently hereditary

@purplemontart I'm a bit more rural where I am. If they do recognise the name, they always do go straight to whisky though. Apparently there was an NHK drama on TV called Massan, about how whisky production started in Japan. A Japanese guy married a Scottish woman, and started the first Japanese whisky business. I also got a "Oh! Sean Connery!" once. Nobody here's heard of haggis, but I do love introducing them to the concept.

@Neko Yeah one of my favourite things on a first day at a school is showing them a picture of a haggis and then going into excruciating detail at the contents :D

@purplemontart Oh me too! I bring along a cute picture of a sheep too.

@Neko I feel you. Some people think Denmark is the capital of Sweden -.-

@Neko My friend's sister lives in London. Do you know her?

@DaveHiggins Yes. Not only do I personally know everyone in London, the entire entity that is London itself is also my close friend. Your friend's sister cannot hide from me.