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@Shutsumon I'll email their helpdesk tomorrow, then.

@Shutsumon Did you decide on a particular add-on for CC3 that you wanted for Xmas? And, can you remember the way that we had to use for me to buy add-ons for other people?

@Shutsumon New laptop ordered from amazon so that I can benefit from their cheap insurance.

@Shutsumon Big Roger has pronounced & wants me to get a £700 laptop. My desktop PC didn't even cost that. It is a really good machine, it must be said, but I didn't plan for that in my budget.

@Shutsumon I forgot to say, I've been given some money for you for your expenses. I'll send you that once I can struggle in to the bank on Monday.

@Shutsumon We should try to make a visit to the new V&A building in Dundee. I've never been to the one in London, I have to confess.

@Shutsumon Any advice on what to look for in a semi-futureproof laptop for genealogical purposes?

@Shutsumon Calum & Finn are coming from the 18th-28th December, so once they're gone we should be able to fit you in somewhere.

@Shutsumon A couple of Bert's relatives have been sent down for conning old folk out of money.
He asked me to find out just how they are related to him, and it transpires that they're the grandsons of his uncle Robert & Aunt Betty.

Same thing happens with every other online thing as well... No fun today...

I keep losing the signal, perhaps once every minute or two and it takes forever to reconnect.

Worst Dr Who viewing experience of my life.

@Shutsumon I have an emergency dental appointment in town at 1130 on the 31st, so it's quite likely that I will be able to pick you up at Waverley.

@Shutsumon Oh. I forgot to say that I had another weigh-in today and logged another loss - 5 kilos - despite, or possibly because of my illness.

@Shutsumon I shall book us slots on the Sunday am Manifold game "All the Water on Mars", since there's not much else I fancy.