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Chrome has been keeping me out of tootplanet all day until now. :(

I'm listening to Front Row on Radio 4, and the British Samira Ahmed is interviewing the American Samira Ahmed. What are the chances of that happening?

Okay. I have vertigo, so probably I have an infected inner ear.

@Shutsumon I've found where you'd put your glasses.

Strange days indeed. I found green tea flavoured Pocky in Sainsbury's, imported via Thailand. I'll try it out at break time tomorrow.

Haha! Stationery now will quail and quiver before me, for I have acquired a powered stapler!

@Shutsumon How're you getting along with things? I remember this time of year as a very bad one for job-seeking.

New Year's Resolution going as planned. Spent an hour working on my transcription of the will of Michael Harris, Draper & Citizen of London d.1489.

@Shutsumon Thank you for the elegant & stylish gift! The green bag it came packed in looks super-useful too.

Whenever I drive past the Frankie & Bennie chain restaurant on Almondvale, I always imagine that they mean Francisco Franco & Benito Mussolini. I read too many history books.

@Shutsumon A mysterious package has arrived. Amazon's wrapping this year is a green cloth bag tied up with ribbons!

@Shutsumon So, I passed out last night, and when I came to, the first thing I thought was "why on earth am I lying on the floor?"

@Shutsumon One for the feeling you get when you finish a book.