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@Shutsumon Despite massive over-eating at UKGE, my weight has remained stable, so I just need to keep doing what I was doing...

@Shutsumon They finally released uncle Peter's body, so the funeral will now take place a week tomorrow.

@Shutsumon Strangely, my uncle has still not been buried. It's about three weeks now, but there are some administrative issues that mean that his body can't yet be released to the relatives. Devil knows what they are...

@Shutsumon Just about ready to go now. See you this pm.

@Shutsumon We have found a hairbrush of your down the back of the sofa. I'll bring it down with me on Thursday.

Stafford Castle looks interesting and probably won't insist on force-feeding us chocolate.

Well, flip. My half-uncle Peter died this morning, and there's no way we can get to the funeral.

@Shutsumon Also, I need to borrow a monitor to run the two machines side by side for synching. And the use of the dining table...

@Shutsumon The New PC arrived within 24 hrs of placing the order on eBay. That's impressive.

@Shutsumon I have a crazy idea about publishing a poetry anthology. Stop me now.

@Shutsumon Weighed in again today and have lost another 1 1/2 kg, so total loss is now around 9 kg.

@Shutsumon While it's still in my head, do you have any ideas as to what you want for your birthday?