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@Shutsumon I have an emergency dental appointment in town at 1130 on the 31st, so it's quite likely that I will be able to pick you up at Waverley.

@Shutsumon Oh. I forgot to say that I had another weigh-in today and logged another loss - 5 kilos - despite, or possibly because of my illness.

@Shutsumon I shall book us slots on the Sunday am Manifold game "All the Water on Mars", since there's not much else I fancy.

@Shutsumon Here's a new hobby for you, if you feel you have too much time on your hands :-

@Shutsumon Have a look at this and tell me if you're interested in any of the games listed :-

@Shutsumon When you can, send me your Co-Op bank details.

@Shutsumon Despite massive over-eating at UKGE, my weight has remained stable, so I just need to keep doing what I was doing...

@Shutsumon They finally released uncle Peter's body, so the funeral will now take place a week tomorrow.

@Shutsumon Strangely, my uncle has still not been buried. It's about three weeks now, but there are some administrative issues that mean that his body can't yet be released to the relatives. Devil knows what they are...

@Shutsumon Just about ready to go now. See you this pm.

@Shutsumon We have found a hairbrush of your down the back of the sofa. I'll bring it down with me on Thursday.

Stafford Castle looks interesting and probably won't insist on force-feeding us chocolate.

Well, flip. My half-uncle Peter died this morning, and there's no way we can get to the funeral.