@Shutsumon I was explaining to my mum about conlanging at dinner and then about Zamenhof and why the Poles wanted an international language that wasn't Russian & German, and this led on to her telling me about a Polish couple she had known who were on holiday in England when the war broke out and could never go home again.

@Shutsumon There was an attempted murder outside the SPL on Saturday. I'm expecting things to be a bit weird when I go in this week.


@Shutsumon Good news today. My sister is getting married this summer.

@Shutsumon Remember that box of Thornton's we had? You can now get 3 for £6 in the January sale.

@Shutsumon I'm on Facebook, which is still rubbish, & Twitter, which is a bit less rubbish while still not being good.

@Shutsumon Mostly I can be found on MeWe and on Discord.
MeWe isn't very good, I would say, and I don't think I'm in any Discord that you would like much.

@Shutsumon Back home. I think I'm never going to do it this way again...

@Shutsumon When will you arrive tomorrow? I thought I'd written it down, but can't find it.

@Shutsumon Did you decide on a particular add-on for CC3 that you wanted for Xmas? And, can you remember the way that we had to use for me to buy add-ons for other people?

@Shutsumon New laptop ordered from amazon so that I can benefit from their cheap insurance.

@Shutsumon Big Roger has pronounced & wants me to get a £700 laptop. My desktop PC didn't even cost that. It is a really good machine, it must be said, but I didn't plan for that in my budget.

@Shutsumon I forgot to say, I've been given some money for you for your expenses. I'll send you that once I can struggle in to the bank on Monday.

@Shutsumon We should try to make a visit to the new V&A building in Dundee. I've never been to the one in London, I have to confess.

@Shutsumon Any advice on what to look for in a semi-futureproof laptop for genealogical purposes?

@Shutsumon Calum & Finn are coming from the 18th-28th December, so once they're gone we should be able to fit you in somewhere.

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