I was looking at the Amazon reviews for _The Princess, Her Dragon, and Their Prince_, & wanted to share this quote from one:

"It's like, Captain America, Superman, and Batman walk into a bar and eventually decide to have sex.

"Wait. That came out wrong."



@aldersprig My protagonists are all very kind and understanding, is the thing the reviewer was trying to express, but I love that way of putting it. :D

@Rowyn @aldersprig I am so sick of the hot-tempered/tempestuous jerk in romance, thank you for writing characters who are basically nice and sensible! And I think that review alone was enough to put this book on my wishlist.

@anne @aldersprig I am deeply enamored of characters who are doing the best they can. ❤️

@Satsuma @aldersprig It's gotta be out there! Probably in multiple versions! :D

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