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Halloween is coming!

Do you want some suitable seasonal reading from an indie author?

Do you yearn for a story where , and aren't innately evil that ISN'T a romance?

Maybe you'd like to try my novel Haventon Born.

Kindle: (or search ASIN B0173ZMMJG on your local Amazon)



Not yet on iBooks due to a metadata issue. I will try to fix this soon.

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Hey peeps! I have finally uploaded Haventon Born to Kobo so those of you who want an epub rather than kindle can now get it at as well as Gumroad (options are good :-D)

And of course it's available on Kindle as well - search for ASIN B0173ZMMJG

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Do you like fantasy? Well you are in luck because I fantasy!

You can read my stuff online at

Or if you want to give me your money I recommend starting with my Paranormal Fantasy Haventon Born. A story about vampires, werewolves in a town that attracts supernatural creatures like a magnet does iron


ebooks in all Amazon stores (ASIN B0173ZMMJG) or you can buy it on Gumroad (in kindle, epub or PDF)

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It's so nice to have so many new queer and creative toots joining us on tootplanet. Welcome all.

I'm Becka and I'm a middle-aged British fantasy writer and wannabee artist. I also and make maps in Campaign Cartographer. Recently I've been messing around with Blender and Audacity (not at the same time)

I'm a quoi-romantic asexual who generally identifies as a Cis Woman though I am noodling at this recently.

Feel free to follow me. I love making new friends.

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The tree of delights had returned at last. It had felt like a lifetime ago since it had last appeared.

It seemed spindlier than before, but this did not dissuade the large gray tabby from taking to it's branches with joy.

Unfortunately, the tree was not as well anchored and sturdy as memory served, and it toppled almost immediately.

The cat resigned itself to chasing a delightful bauble around the living room until it was shoo'd away.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Caturday

Yeah, too tired to word tnight. I will make extra words at the weekend

Hey peeps, I was so tired yesterday that I had to skip . I'll try not to do that tonight but I am tired again.

Today's word root is Hisas as a noun it can mean fire or pain, as a verb it means to burn, and Hisassal (the adjective) means firey, burning or burnt. It's not in the dictionary yet

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West coast Goths should be called Visogoths and East coast Goths should be called Ostrogoths

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today's words

inān (verb) dream, have a vision, hallucinate
inānsal (adjective) dreaming, hallucinating, having a vision, high
qixī (verb) fall asleep, enter a trance or other altered state of consciousness
qixīsal(adjective) sleepy, discombobulated, dozy, woozy, not quite awake
sējin (verb) - sleep
sējinsal (adjective) - sleeping

see for details

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Brainstorms verbal grammar for her . The noun grammer is ... yes well (now many cases?) ... so I want to keep verbs simplish

1. no inflection for person or number
2. infinitive is the uninflected root
3. three tenses past present future
4. aspects simple, perfective, imperfective
5. Moods indicative, imperitive, opative, potential, interrogative which are shown by a particle after the verb

Adjectives are created from verbs thus root plus -sal and sit directly before the noun.

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@noelle well that's a particularly thorny looking expression

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Today's words are astronomical in feeling.

hosa (hosɐ) - star, spark
inlī (inliː) - moon
tōnlī (to:nli:) Great Moon (the conworld has 2), month
xira (xirɐ) - Sun

See for more details.

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Some beautiful game assets in the public domain (CC0), by Kenney:

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For anyone participating in #Lexember:

Lexiconga is a fast, free tool for building lexicons/word lists/dictionaries that you can optionally set up to share!

O if you want more intense linguistic control, ConWorkShop is a much heavier service that ties your constructed language's word translations together with other conlangs!

#glossopoeia #conlanging #conlangs

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Check it out, my new story on Ko-Fi...

She was, technically, a super-villain. Or that was, she had been one, before everything had fallen to pieces.

Suddenly, she'd found herself a hero of sorts.

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Today's words:

pilā (pilɐː) landmass, anpilā (ɐmbiliː) island and tōpilā (to:bili:) continent

See the dictionary for more detailed definitions

Started a dictionary for the current project.

First words not in yet because I haven't made them yet... I'm just not feeling any of the day one prompts on

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