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Like non-evil Vampires and Werewolves but not a romance fan? I have your back!

A vampire hunter's life becomes complicated when he begins to realise his prey aren't always the monsters he's been taught.

It also has werewolves and they aren't monsters either.

Full blurb and links to various places you can buy it here:

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It's so nice to have so many new queer and creative toots joining us on tootplanet. Welcome all.

I'm Becka and I'm a middle-aged British fantasy writer and wannabee artist. I also and make maps in Campaign Cartographer. Recently I've been messing around with Blender and Audacity (not at the same time)

I'm a quoi-romantic asexual who generally identifies as a Cis Woman though I am noodling at this recently.

Feel free to follow me. I love making new friends.

Tried shading that goblin girl from monday. I don't think I got it consistant.

Sort of I guess

marked sensitive because while it is a cartoon she is giving eye contact

okay... removing a single bag load of rubbish counts as a housework related task right?

I want to do something creative but I can barely keep eyes open

Body foo 

The more I look at her determinedly neutral expression and level gaze the more I wonder what someone just said in her earshot that's got her wondering whether to go orc on their behind.

me: im not gonna get too in-depth about the worldbuilding in this weird fantasy city
me, two hours later: okay so here's the system of governance, five royal scandals that could tank the government if uncovered, a convoluted as fuck family tree and a sketch of the king's bastard daughter flexing on him by rocking up as the bodyguard of his most hated political rival


So creative things is a drawing of an orc/goblin girl for that setting I'm working on (the one that is a few centuries on from a standard medieval fantasy setting and thus has modern tech).

Not the greatest drawing but okay I think.

No shading yet but I will probably add some during the week.

Marked sensitive only for cartoony eye contact

Achieved so far = dinner cooked and eaten. Two bags off rubbish and a cardboard box removed from kitchen, Pumpkin cat fed...

Now for a rest before attemptiing to be creative

Plan for this evening... Get in, cook dinner, eat said dinner, do something housework related, do something creative


These European flags are RUINING the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and oh holy shit hang on a minute


Frowning at art tutorials about how to draw women. 

Today's Caracal Fact:

Caracals are extremely good jumpers, with one of the best vertical leaps of all cats.

#2199 "Cryptic Wifi Networks" 

we read this book and can vouch for it!

"spooky-sweet" is definitely the right description: the setting is dark (underground) but light (-hearted), the characters include adorable necromancers and cute shambling corpses. it was everything we needed when it landed in our lap.

chimera-approved! πŸπŸ¦‡πŸ

LB: I'm currently reading this book and it is very good! It's so far the best book about necromancers I've read since Garth Nix's Abhorsen series.

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