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Like non-evil Vampires and Werewolves but not a romance fan? I have your back!

A vampire hunter's life becomes complicated when he begins to realise his prey aren't always the monsters he's been taught.

It also has werewolves and they aren't monsters either.

Full blurb and links to various places you can buy it here:

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It's so nice to have so many new queer and creative toots joining us on tootplanet. Welcome all.

I'm Becka and I'm a middle-aged British fantasy writer and wannabee artist. I also and make maps in Campaign Cartographer. Recently I've been messing around with Blender and Audacity (not at the same time)

I'm a quoi-romantic asexual who generally identifies as a Cis Woman though I am noodling at this recently.

Feel free to follow me. I love making new friends.

friday class is cancelled because the man who keeps telling us a real artist works themself to death has a cold

Greta Who


So, ‘Greta Thunberg’ is in a photo from 120 years ago, and it’s my new favourite conspiracy. Greta’s a time traveller, from the future, and she’s here to save us.

So the vote this week was for "Map! Map! Map!"

So I've already posted this but this is the map I'm working on for the unnamed fantasy world.

I haven't got much beyond the coastlines yet as I'm trying to decide where to put the mountains should go.

So what would people like to know about this map so far?

There! Finished up the last finishing touches on that game I was working on during my trip.

The Witch's Cottage: a small room-escape game in Twine, about getting oneself stuck in an herb witch's house.

Free on itchio

The relentless trolling of feminists today on the Birdsite makes me all the more grateful for the men close to me. So, here goes:

Happy #InternationalMensDay to the kind, well-adjusted men in my life, working to dismantle patriarchy in their own ways. I am, because you are.

this isn’t my real ass. it’s an imposterior

It's Sunday, so it's time for another poll about what I will talk about on

It's Sunday, so it's time for another poll about what I will talk about on

Food honey... Might be icky description 

ukpol, Syria, children rescue blocked by UK, WTF 

“Our gods aren’t big gods, except perhaps for the forest god – I’ve heard that he has big temples in other lands. My people used to follow a great god, a long time ago, and it…ended badly. Little gods suit us better these days.”

A friend is giving me a sewing machine! Now I have no excuse not to learn to sew. :-)

The best feeling in the world is asking someone about something you don't know and you can TELL that they're super excited to talk about it with someone because they start with "okay SO"

My blogger group (the awesome RockStarlit BookAsylum) are harsh critics across the board and also huge fans of the genre.

Each of them have commented in the past about things they don't like in fantasy (humour, romance, silliness, necromancy) that made me certain I didn't have a shot of making it even to semi-finalist -- especially as so many great books didn't make it.

I am so incredibly grateful and honestly quite shocked and also very tearful. I have been so very fortunate.

If you don't know what the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off is, it's an annual competition where 300 self-published fantasy books are judged by 10 blogs (or groups of bloggers).

More information here:


Books & Bone is a semi-finalist in the SPFBO in the craziest twist ever and I'm struggling to breathe what is this

I wrote a book with a pet zombie this doesn't make any sense but I'm so grateful!

I never thought I'd make it even this far!

@aldersprig It was really, really good and the main lesson the mom got from the experience was that nerds have "Magic Words" which you can use to get them to help you so a few years later when she needed help setting up a theater thing and saw some Marvel cosplayers she yelled AVENGERS ASSEMBLE at them and they all came and helped her.

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