It's and I have nothing prepared, so a quick 1 hour poll. What shall I talk about today? Note: ToF = Tales of the First, W=Whisper, LB=Lawgiver's Blade

Ugh it's a tie... so one more 30 minute poll

So we have a result. Today I will be talking about Magic in Lawgiver's Blade.

*gathers thoughts*

Okay, the first thing to say is I like high magic worlds and Lawgiver's Blade is no exception.

Now onwards:

All magic in Lawgiver's Blade comes from the gods... and ultimately from Amara, the goddess of freedom, change, transformation and chaos. That is any god can grant their followers magic (unless Amara stops them) but she is literally the source of Magic.

However most magic users do not get their magic directly from a god.... (1/?)

Instead magic is intrinsically woven into the fabric of the world and people who are exposed to enough magic in utero will be a true magic user with their own internal reservoir of magic, and the ability to learn and cast spells.

However True magic users are not the only magic users because there is also natural magic which anyone can do with time and effort. It involves working with the natural flows of magic in the world (thiink ley lines)...


So a geomancer can plan road networks, street plans or field layout to channel this ambient magic for health and good crops etc.

Hmm... II actually don't think I'm explainng thiis well. So ask me about anything that isn't clear or you'd like to know more about.

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