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Becka Sutton @Shutsumon

Do you like fantasy? Well you are in luck because I fantasy!

You can read my stuff online at

Or if you want to give me your money I recommend starting with my Paranormal Fantasy Haventon Born. A story about vampires, werewolves in a town that attracts supernatural creatures like a magnet does iron


ebooks in all Amazon stores (ASIN B0173ZMMJG) or you can buy it on Gumroad (in kindle, epub or PDF)

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@ajroach42 Thanks for the boost. I've pinned it as you suggested as well

Hey peeps! I have finally uploaded Haventon Born to Kobo so those of you who want an epub rather than kindle can now get it at as well as Gumroad (options are good :-D)

And of course it's available on Kindle as well - search for ASIN B0173ZMMJG