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Becka Sutton

Things are too negative? Here's a Pumpkin to help with that.

New glasses.... Just fir VDU work.

For those who don't want to watch the video here is the final map.

It looks pretty good in monochrome as well... which is important if it's ever to be in a book.

- hatchies for the . Hmmm... now I have a conundrum... so I go for the hatchy with a gene or the ne that's closer to desired colours

So I finished working through that beginner's tutorial I've been using ( ) and here is the final image I made after following it.

Well the donut and coffee image I'm creating as I work through this beginner's tutorial for continues to develop. We now have better lighting, a wall and a second donut!

Yet More 3D food image WIP Progress Show more

More 3D food image WIP Progress Show more

3D food image WIP Show more

3D image of food Show more

so I've made a good start on restarting learning . As I said I'm working through the same tutorial series as before becuse it's been a while. And I am already at the stage where I have the donut... next is the mug if I recall correctly.

This really is much easier with a desk.

And now to bed...

And once again here is the WIP image for those who'd like to see it but don't want to watch the vids (see thread if you do want to see vids) (repost as forgot tags)

Here is the progress image on the map for those who want to see it but don't want to watch me make it. (if you do want to see me make it see the previous toots in this thread)

Thanks to @Prince_Herb for my desk (Christmas Present) and my microphone (birthday present)

I need to get better at selfies... I always end up looking at the button instead of the camera.

Perfectly safe for work but marked sensitive just in case you don't want to see my face.

My dark circles are looking better than usual and I need a haircut.