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Becka Sutton

Somebody doesn't want me to go to work

As you may know I'm a digimon fan and I write (sporadically) what I refer to as the "endless digimon fanfic" (This is an in progress rewrite. I first wrote it over a decade ago)

I also do stuff using cc3+, which is probably why I've a map of the Directory Continent which will eventually feature in my fic.

It's based on the area of the same name from digimon world 2. But I've never played it so don't expect things to be in the same place.

Lots of people suggesting php or javascript. This is somewhay convenient as i have this sitting on my shelf waiting for me to crack it open.

I think it's pretty much done for now. Maybe I'll add some more towns etc at some point

Added the names of the cities and towns. Just a few more labels and the scalebar and it'll be done :-)

Only a tiny change on my WIP tonight. I have added dots for some important towns and cities. Square bullets = capital, round = important town or city, broken diamond thing = ruins

Tomorrow I'll add names for these places

WIP now has forests and a strangely darkened area of worldbuilding significance.

While I'm still not 100% happy with the mountains I have added the rivers on the WIP

More on my WIP. How do these mountains look, mastopeeps? Mountain like?

Assuming they are okay, rivers will be next.

Current WIP which I'm making in GIMP using this tutorial. Steps so far (1. Coastline, 2 sea colur, 3. land colour)

Next step is the mountains which never turn out right for me. One day i will master them...

Been messing about with a potential design for a cover for one of my WIPS. I need to work on the gold effect but I think it has potential.

Adventures in homebrew booze Show more

I have no idea who or what this is (except apparetly her name is Efra and I have feeling she'll turn up in a story some time.

Also how does a quick, pretty much stick figure sketch/doodle turn out better than when I try to draw seriously?

Things are too negative? Here's a Pumpkin to help with that.

New glasses.... Just fir VDU work.

For those who don't want to watch the video here is the final map.

It looks pretty good in monochrome as well... which is important if it's ever to be in a book.