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Becka Sutton

Can I get your opinnion, Mastopeeps? Does the second image here read better as an urban fantasy thumbnail book cover? Or am I looking at getting another cover. (not that I'm going to change the image officially without the artist's permission but I want to check it will worth making the change before doing that)

Planning the relaunch for Haventon Born is making me second guess the coverart and the title.

Don't get me wrong the coverart is a lovely and suits the book... I'm just not sure it's visible enough in the thumbnail but it could just be my screen... (see below)

As to the title... okay, I admit it I am not the best with title. Though I think the titles I have for the rest of the series are way better than that one...

Heyup, Mastopeeps. Yes I'm still going on about relaunching my vampire/werewolf novel Haventon Born in early May.

Thanks to the people who've already volunteered to read the book and give me honest reviews. If you want to join them send me a DM and I'll send you a copy.

I'd also like to raise some money for a small marketing budget so I've set a target on my Ko-Fi Page. I post maps and things on there.

So today so far I have messed around in and made 2 3d mock up of 's cover

@aldersprig I made you a little present - an attempt at a fan cover for Kael's Tower/A New World.

It needs a bit of work but I hope you like it (I wanted a tower on there but haven't found a suitable image yet)

Here's some detail from that . I wonder what happened here (suggestions as prompts on Wednesday maybe?)

Still working on the of the Southernmost Islands. I think placing towns and cities is the hardest bit sometimes.

Added some towns to the huge island and a scalebar so you can see how huge it is. (seriously it's really a subcontinent)

The different town styles indicate different cultures

The map of the Southernmost Islands now has more forests

Today is and in exactly 2 hours and 49 minutes I will be opening prompts for my prompt based conworld

You can see the results of last week's prompts collated here

And here is a map of The Southernmost Islands of Afeli which I've been working on.

Added rivers and some forests (there will be forests on some other islands as well) to the map of the Southernmost Islands... Take a look at the map. Maybe it will inspire a prompt when I open for prompts tomorrow (details here

Added the mountains the map of the Southernmost Islands

I had so much fun creating my , Afeli, on Wednesday that I was inspired to start mapping The Southernmost Islands.

And if you missed my toots about it on here it is collated on my Dreamwidth account

Here's me in @Prince_Herb's lounge with the shawl so far#knitting

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