So I've been working on a second style of made in gimp using the same region as my other in progress map (many of the base layers of direct copies). This is a more political style map. I may have to tweak some opacities and colour choices but otherwise I think it's okay.

From here on out (names and cities/towns etc) I will be working on then together to make sure things line up.

added some rivers... I would assume these are just the largest ones and there are smaller ones that are too small to show

Ooh I'm even happier with these mountains when I look at them side by side with the original version

I think I'm pretty happy with it.

attempted to redo the mountains on my map using what I learned from the practice and they are definite better but I think I'm going to have to tweak the noise cloud settings some more in future but it's certainly getting that satellite look

More mountain practice for my

I think this actually looks better - do people agree

Tried messing with the tutorial settings in a test image. The result is interesting but I'm not sure if it's better.

Mountains are possibly the hardest part of the Gimp mapping process I use. They never feel quite right. But here is my first attempt for this map.

Feedback appreciated.

Well I guess I've plumped for doing this map in gimp for now (I can always use it as a refernce for a cc3+ map in the future if I want (I likely will as I will want a printable black and white version at some point)

Good afternoon, mastopeeps and other fedifriends, how are you today?

Today I will be attempting bread again, writing and working on a map.

Here is the start of the map in question. Next step is to decide is which style of map to go for. One made entirely in gimp like my Hanyara Map or one made in CC3+ like this random digimon map I made or this map of Kesrin from my story Shattered (cc3+ has a few styles)

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Second bread attempt. Crust still pale (though better than last time) in spite of turning oven up

Hey, fediverse peeps. Any idea why this loaf is so pale? It sounds cooked when i tap the bottom and i preheated the oven and left it in longer than recipe said because it didn't go brown.

I am currently assuming edibility but we will know better obce it is cool.

hatchies... I have achieved a triple gened imperial starting from 2 ungened tundras without purchasing any gene or breed scrolls! Now I just need to breed to colour (and his second and tert are already correct) and correct genes

argh! Just noticed a weird defect that makes it look like there's a tiny island under the scalebar. *fixes and reuploads*

An almost finished fantasy map made in Profantasy's CC3+ using the "Woodcut" style from their 2016 annual (my christmas present from @Prince_Herb)

I say almost finished because I need to name the mountains and I'm not at all sure about the reddish brown text - but black was not distinct enough.

The region shown here is the setting of one of my WIPs "Shattered".

@Prince_Herb been playing with my Christmas present. This is the woodcut style 🙂

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