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@InspectorCaracal yeah that happened too... Big headline on the FASA site "Dunkelzahn assassinated! Stunned world awaits details" or something like that

Then they released his will as a supplement...

@InspectorCaracal I remember when that happened. FASA actually had an election where Shadowrun fans could vote for the next president (but seriously there was no chance they wouldn't elect Dunkelzahn)

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Someone at work during the all-hands meeting this morning said "we need an animal! Like a mascot!"


Anyone want to draw a rat archivist? Will pay :D

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The tree of delights had returned at last. It had felt like a lifetime ago since it had last appeared.

It seemed spindlier than before, but this did not dissuade the large gray tabby from taking to it's branches with joy.

Unfortunately, the tree was not as well anchored and sturdy as memory served, and it toppled almost immediately.

The cat resigned itself to chasing a delightful bauble around the living room until it was shoo'd away.

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@GayForSpace at the moment it's only known as "Early Heart Sea Island" because I haven't named it in world yet. It's for a human culture in a secondary world, the used to live on a large island/subcontinent but it went the way of atlantis (not their fault - the gods were having an altercation) and since then the survivors have been scattered across the islands in the sea.

Yeah, too tired to word tnight. I will make extra words at the weekend

@Prince_Herb yay! I need to look at your wishlist!

Hey peeps, I was so tired yesterday that I had to skip . I'll try not to do that tonight but I am tired again.

@Prince_Herb the trouble is all the annuals have nice symbol sets but I'm thinking the 2016 one

@Prince_Herb not yet, let me have a look tomorrow evening as I'm about to go to bed. As to how we buy them... hmmm... I'm afraiid not

@GayForSpace yup, it's a language for one og my stories

Today's word root is Hisas as a noun it can mean fire or pain, as a verb it means to burn, and Hisassal (the adjective) means firey, burning or burnt. It's not in the dictionary yet

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West coast Goths should be called Visogoths and East coast Goths should be called Ostrogoths

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today's words

inān (verb) dream, have a vision, hallucinate
inānsal (adjective) dreaming, hallucinating, having a vision, high
qixī (verb) fall asleep, enter a trance or other altered state of consciousness
qixīsal(adjective) sleepy, discombobulated, dozy, woozy, not quite awake
sējin (verb) - sleep
sējinsal (adjective) - sleeping

see for details

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Brainstorms verbal grammar for her . The noun grammer is ... yes well (now many cases?) ... so I want to keep verbs simplish

1. no inflection for person or number
2. infinitive is the uninflected root
3. three tenses past present future
4. aspects simple, perfective, imperfective
5. Moods indicative, imperitive, opative, potential, interrogative which are shown by a particle after the verb

Adjectives are created from verbs thus root plus -sal and sit directly before the noun.