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Becka Sutton

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Alidra is looking so good with her new genes and soon her outfit will be complete as well

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have you ever accidentally started cowriting a long-form piece of fiction

because we totally just did that

*Downloads the trial version of Scrivener* I should be able to pay for it before the 30 days runs out

@eskay8 I meant as iimproving productivity by helping keep things organised

Is Scriviner a good writing productivity tool? Should I try it?

*looks out of window before bed* Holy Moly! Snow's got deeper...

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Hi there! The Wandering Shop was down for a real long time tonight, as part of a whole pile of Murphy's Law that hit us all at once. I'm going to try and document what happened, in replies here, boosts very much appreciated.

Big takeaway: We're over 1k users, running this site is non-trivial, supporting us at literally keeps this running.

@InspectorCaracal @aldersprig @Gaypow I kind of run out of dragon names so yeah other characters now and a few randomers when I'm feeling uninspired

*\o/* 23 day streak on

Now I can sleep

So sleepy but I need to do my streak before I sleep

some cheerleading would be welcome about now

@InspectorCaracal we're stable enough to open registrations, they said....