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Last Boost: *extremely dry voice* Lovely

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And @Shutsumon your Worldbuilding Wednesday posts are hella neat and i do hope you roll with some of those ideas for stories someday

A few minutes turned into a two hour nap. But at least I don't have a headache anymore.

Oh dear, headache. Going to lie down for a few minutes

A housework related task has been achieved

Yeah, it looks like Lord of the Wolves (the second book in the Haventon Chronicles) is going to run to around 65k words in 30 chapters.

I'm currently about 25% done with Chapter 26.

I want to be done with the first draft by Easter, so I can do the second draft in April.

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I wish I had something to offer you for your support on patreon. Mostly it's my gratitude, there are some minor awards.

I wish I could get around $100/ month. It would help me get through the next few months easier. Combined with my other sources of income.

I can offer you me and my improved health. 😊😍💞

Thank you for your consideration.

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I did some experiments that really highlight how heavily image recognition algorithms depend on probability - and how unprepared they are for surrealism. #machinelearning

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So far today I have eaten, bathed, napped, hydrated and updated LoTW.

So far today I have not done anything housework related, written...

Given that I have a cold I have already been productive to a degree but I really need to tick those last two off

Lord of the Wolves Chapter 25 is up!

Really pleased that I've been back on weekly posting for two months now.

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reminder that the following features are on the mastodon roadmap. i see these requested a lot and the project devs are aware of the need but only have so many people-hours!

- server-side word muting, not based on regex and applying to all columns
- fulltext search of own posts (coming in 2.3)
- groups (kind of like hashtags but you can subscribe to them like users)

Last Boost: That image is amazing and apt😂

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Good afternoon, Mastopeeps. How are you all today?

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09.52 train to London is cancelled. If I can get to Edinburgh can anyone put me up overnight? Really want to get to @Southwarkcathed by 16.15 tomorrow for UK première of one of my pieces.

Arrives home to her nice warm flat