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All right, time to update the various ways you can get in touch with me.

Accounts on the fediverse: here (main) and @terrana (alt)
Discord: I'm trying to get off Discord, but available on request
Telegram: @Ninetailed

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Since the URLs have changed a bit, let me reintroduce this.

Voice of the Library is a fantasy story about a young dragon and the living spirit of a forgotten library. I'm writing it piece by piece and posting it on my site.

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:

Updates posted with the tag

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All right, let's try this thing.

Hi, I'm Terrana, and I'm a dragon.
I enjoy video games, particularly I with a building/automation theme. Factorio and modded Minecraft are favourites.
I enjoy science fiction and particular kinds of fantasy, particularly with a technical focus.
I'm an amateur writer but I have problems staying focused on projects.
I develop software and have Opinions about data security.
I like tabletop RPGs but have had no luck in finding one to join, so I GM.

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Are you a fuzzyboop? Do you know someone who might be? Don't delay. Arrange petting immediately.

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TF-focused Otter Boyfriend for

Er...I have been asked specifically to focus on tail-stuff here...s-so I'm just gonna say uptop that if this gets a bit gushy about rear appendages it WAS REQUESTED TO BE THAT WAY.

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The Opportunity rover’s final message from Mars was “My battery is low and it is getting dark.”

Every now and again, I'll get the notion to learn to do X. The exact nature of X varies and isn't really important. What used to happen is I'd get into it for a week, maybe a month, then get distracted. These days, I more or less skip that part and go, "But where am I going to find the time/energy?" I'm not sure whether this is an improvement or something I should try to change.

I am not a winter dragon. My bones ache for the coming of spring.

While I do have a basic understanding of the principles behind electricity and magetism, and a deep understanding of what makes computers tick, you will never convince me that any of these things are not magic.

I think at least half of what I post is either silly things that pop into my head out of nowhere or equally silly snippets of actual conversations I've had. I'm undecided as to whether this is a good thing.

The section symbol § always looks like it should stand for something more exotic.

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Don't feel bad or ashamed if you spend your week-end sleeping, resting.

It's *it's purpose*.

And in itself, resting is **not** doing nothing.

It's taking care of yourself, and allowing to gather back some energy. Some time to yourself.

Resting *is* doing something, for you. And it's a good thing to do sometimes.

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The horrors ducks have perpetrated are nameless and dark...


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🎶 I've seen things, I've seen them with my eyes,
I've seen things, they're often in disguise,
Like: carrots, handbags, cheese... 🎶

Fun fact: magpies love pulling tails. Species doesn't matter, size doesn't matter, disposition doesn't matter. They don't even need a logical reason. If it has a tail, they'll pull it.

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Broth is hereafter to be known as "soup goo".

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The London Marathon has been held every year since 1981. Every year, the souls of the twelve fastest runners are drawn from their bodies as they cross the finish line, usually without their knowledge, into specially prepared traffic cones.

Next year, she will have the 468 needed. The hour of Queen Elizabeth's apotheosis is coming.

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I'm thinking that I may try getting another game of Microscope up and going, since it seems the one I had going from last year isn't coming back. Would anyone I know on here be interested?

I've been playing Mass Effect and it's got me in a synthetic sort of mood. ❤ the Geth.

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