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I saw someone else post this, but it bears repeating for myself:

You're not ever going to see me posting selfies, not because of any insecurity about my appearance, but because the entity in the photo _isn't me_. If you want to see what I look like, see the icon next to this post. The shell I'm stuck in offline is irrelevant.

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All right, let's try this thing.

Hi, I'm Terrana, and I'm a dragon.
I enjoy video games, particularly I with a building/automation theme. Factorio and modded Minecraft are favourites.
I enjoy science fiction and particular kinds of fantasy, particularly with a technical focus.
I'm an amateur writer but I have problems staying focused on projects.
I develop software and have Opinions about data security.
I like tabletop RPGs but have had no luck in finding one to join, so I GM.

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Are you a fuzzyboop? Do you know someone who might be? Don't delay. Arrange petting immediately.

A while ago, I was doing a thing where I was describing to some friends how I imagined they'd look as dragons. Found a couple of transcripts I saved and re-reading them. I did rather well with some of these!

Huh. I wouldn't even have to do any adapting. Turns out Fate already has rules for more or less exactly what I had in mind, with some background differences.

So if I ran this (see thread) as a tabletop RPG, who would be interested in playing?

World idea, long (4/4) 

World idea, long (3/4) 

World idea, long (2/4) 

World idea, long (1/4) 

Six-armed Glaceon girl, just because I felt like it. I sometimes think I should get out of my own head more and draw more fanart, but of course if/when I do, I'm going to put my own spin on it. (Also, her name is Crystal.)

UK politics 

Making Tetris analogies is like playing Tetris, it's hard until you find something that fits

Now I'm awake and thinking about it, the rules and setting might actually permit this. I may have to make enquiries.

So I've been in a Shadowrun game recently. Had a dream last night that I convinced the GM to let me play a dog. A dog with human-level intelligence and magical abilities, but a dog nonetheless.

*playing Breath of the Wild, runs into a zora* Excuse me, friend, but are you aware you have an entire shark for a head?

Hi! I'm a smallish, fluffy dragon with nine long, extra-fluffy tails, and I am CUTE.

Seriously considering shutting down my Matrix server. It hardly gets used, and now I can't seem to get federation working.

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