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One of the many advantages to having long, fluffy tails is that you can just disappear into a fluffball whenever you want.

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All right, time to update the various ways you can get in touch with me.

Accounts on the fediverse: here (main) and @terrana (alt)
Discord: I'm trying to get off Discord, but available on request
Telegram: @Ninetailed

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All right, let's try this thing.

Hi, I'm Terrana, and I'm a dragon.
I enjoy video games, particularly I with a building/automation theme. Factorio and modded Minecraft are favourites.
I enjoy science fiction and particular kinds of fantasy, particularly with a technical focus.
I'm an amateur writer but I have problems staying focused on projects.
I develop software and have Opinions about data security.
I like tabletop RPGs but have had no luck in finding one to join, so I GM.

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Are you a fuzzyboop? Do you know someone who might be? Don't delay. Arrange petting immediately.

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sure she has a big tail, but what if we made it... bigger

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Periodic friendly reminder:


[artist credit: Catboots]
[post link:]

I rather wish serif fonts weren't the default in a lot of contexts. I find most of them harder to read than their sans counterparts.

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pitch: a tree
- grows pumpkins
- as they ripen in the fall, pressure built up in the branches is spontaneously released, and the pumpkins are hurled away at a 45° angle
- very effective seed dispersal

I'm going to go and lose consciousness now. Surreal quotes and tailposting will resume tomorrow.

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in which Tham talks about respectability politics Show more

No context quote: "Some birds have tentacles, right? In Australia or something?"

One of the many advantages to having long, fluffy tails is that you can just disappear into a fluffball whenever you want.

I recently summed up point 1 as: "being nice to people is an expedient way to get what I want." The person I was talking to found this moderately disturbing.

It seems to me that there are three ways to get someone who doesn't know you to do what you want, in decreasing order of effectiveness:

1. Get them to relate to you. This makes them want to help you of their own volition.
2. Bribe them, whether by money or return favours.
3. Threaten them with harm if they don't help you.

These can be combined, but ideally not in a single sentence. "My good friend, I'll give you £1000 if you bring me a shrubbery and kill you if you don't."

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I was talking to a pregnant lady and she said "We're excited to find out what it is" and it took me a minute to realize she wasn't talking about its species

I didn't want to move out. Despite its problems, I loved living in that place. But an eviction notice is an eviction notice.

Finished cleaning my old flat, ready to hand the keys back next week. I feel sad.

Silly idea: Nyan Cat as faster-than-light travel. Stick two dilithium poptarts in the toaster, and sit back next to a porthole, watching the undulating rainbow and enjoying the music (or putting on your noise-cancelling headphones, taking a migraine pill, and being glad it doesn't take long to travel between the stars).

Why nine tails, though? It's not for the cultural associations as you might assume. It's all about three-and-three split. I have a personal affinity for the number 3, and three threes is, of course, nine.

> wake up
Loading 17% .. please wait.
> wake up
Loading 16% .. please wait.
> & #@*!
I don't see & #@*! here.
> tea
I don't see tea here.
> TEA!!!!!
All right, fine, I'll get you some tea. You're really grumpy in the morning, you know that?
> wake up
Loading 28% .. please wait.

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I usually describe myself as having nine tails, which is true but not the whole story. My spine actually splits in three then three again, meaning that very close to my body, for a very short length, it's more like three very thick tails.

It makes the bone structure and nerve bundles simpler than they would be just going nine ways all at once. "Do the same thing again further down" is a pattern that nature uses a lot, as it allows more complexity from simple rules.

*grumbles at word variants and synonyms getting through filters*

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