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My serial fiction project is underway! I spent longer that I would have liked getting everything set up, so the first part is shorter than I originally intended.

The title of the story is Voice of the Library, and I'll be tagging it going forward. It's a fantasy story about a young dragon and the living spirit of a forgotten library. Have a read, it'll be fun.

Preface: voice.ninetailed.uk/preface/
First installment: voice.ninetailed.uk/chapter-1-

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All right, let's try this thing.

Hi, I'm Terrana, and I'm a dragon.
I enjoy video games, particularly I with a building/automation theme. Factorio and modded Minecraft are favourites.
I enjoy science fiction and particular kinds of fantasy, particularly with a technical focus.
I'm an amateur writer but I have problems staying focused on projects.
I develop software and have Opinions about data security.
I like tabletop RPGs but have had no luck in finding one to join, so I GM.

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Are you a fuzzyboop? Do you know someone who might be? Don't delay. Arrange petting immediately.

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@Terrana For people who are familiar with the AU!Person convention, it more clearly shows that you are taking about an alternate version.

"Mirror Spock" could be interpreted as a command to copy Spock's movements.
"Evil Spock" could be interpreted as the original Spock turning evil rather than an alternate double.
These things would hopefully be clear from context, but not always.

Truthiness in Javascript is such a pain. The string "true" evaluates as true, but so does the string "false". Apparently the last person to touch this code did not know this. "false" != false, folks!

I know I've asked this before, but I didn't really get a good answer last time. What makes the "thing!person" construction different from just saying "thing-person" or "thing person"?

Fun fact: as nominal head of the British armed forces, the Queen holds the sole authority to deploy our ultimate weapon of last resort: the Duke of Edinburgh. There has never been cause to really do so, but if there were, there are very real fears that the expression on his face could ignite the atmosphere.

Cyriak (mild gore/body horror) Show more

I had some cuddle time and I feel better now.

Feeling vaguely panicky but I don't know why.

Fun fact: Queen Elizabeth II's corgis are not ordinary dogs. They are vessels for the souls of her most favoured servants, who will journey with her to the next world when she launches her invasion.

Percussive maintenance on furniture! I've got one of those swivelly office chairs. Thanks to ten minutes banging on the bottom of it with a hammer, it now sits 3cm higher.

Lamentations of a Heat-Loving Dragon in Winter.

I'm not famous or outstanding in my professional field. I'm not a typographical feature. I don't routinely conduct nuclear fusion. But I'm still a star, and so are you.

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Today's Mastodon meme seems to be... the letter a? I think I'm actually okay with this. It's a good letter.

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Cloud owns bc his extremely traumatic past isnt obsessed over (his moms death spec) or resolved. That trauma doesnt stop him from doing what he has to do. Its the self loathing & identity issues abusive ppl in power left him with that fuck him up, and lit all his friends help him pin that down & accept him as a mental case whos still capable and dependable. They move past shit that he couldnt, and he follows their lead. Just Good.

And yes, "earth tremor" is the correct term, I am technically on Earth.

Wow. We just had an earth tremor here. I've never felt one before.

Regarding my last boost, concerning removing Google from your life: the hardest part for me has been migrating everything away from an email address I've been using for thirteen years. It's -still- an ongoing process. Gmail seemed like such a good thing back in 2005.

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