Here's one I picked up from an author I know. Instead of "ladies and gentlemen", try "gentlefolk". It's quicker/shorter, gender-neutral, and still sounds familiar enough not to be confusing to someone who hasn't heard it before.

@Terrana I like "ladies, gentlemen and sundry" but only for particular situations, like when I'm mimicking a 19th century Master of Ceremonies

(this happens more often than you might think <.<)

@InspectorCaracal I mean, I got the word from Rowyn via The Moon Etherium, so that context isn't so far from it.

@Terrana You know, I actually had a thought, "hmm I wonder if that was Rowyn", I feel pleased with myself xD

@Terrana A friend of mine has taken to using "mortals" as a substitute. It's still gender neutral, and it gives a bonus to intimidation checks if you think you need that. :blobyeengrin:

@standsinshock Yes, depending what sort of tone you're going for. Just "people" doesn't work so well in the sort of formal or semi-formal setting that would usually see "ladies and gentlemen" employed.

@Terrana i just use "ladies, gentlemen and others" -- covers everything

@standsinshock That it does! I've also heard it expressed as "ladies, gentlemen, and our friends outside the binary," which made me smile. I like "gentlefolk" because it's a shorter way of expressing all that, but lots of other things also work.

@Terrana no
how about "hello combinations of atoms that have consciousness and can process the information presented in this talk/rant/egg beater"

@standsinshock Hee. That's more "TED talk" than "night at the theatre", I think, but I'm going to have to remember that one next time I give a work presentation.


there's also bottom feeders if you ever feel like you want to capture the dead body of Friedrich Nietszche mario odyssey-style but cannot

@standsinshock Ooh, I like that one. "Ladies, gentlemen, and bottom feeders, your attention please. Stop that right now. Yes, you. Yes, that thing. Stop it. Thank you!"

@Terrana this is not meant to insult anyone, the bottom feeders part is for when you really do not expect polite people to come to your preseentation

@Terrana like, think of having your mom and dad die by getting run over by a bus rode by saddam fucking hussein's half-devil half-hitler cousing kind of cynical

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