So, the first of April is getting close enough that people have started talking about what they're going to do for April Fools. Have fun, but if you're thinking of trying anything on me:


Seriously, if anyone tries pulling any April Fools crap on me, I WILL block you.

While it would be in keeping with my previously stated policy (see post this is a reply to), blocking my instance's admin poses certain practical problems and wouldn't even make the "joke" go away. So I'm going to forego my usual financial support for hosting this month and think about maybe resuming in May. Happy April bloody Fools.

@InspectorCaracal All right, now that I've calmed down a bit, I realise that I shouldn't have said that publicly. I'll stick to DMs if we talk about it further, and I apologise for handling it that way.

@Terrana Just as a head-up, Cal is generally not online until around now-11, 11:15 Eastern time.

@Terrana There is a theme that does not have seasonal changes called "unfestive" which you can set in your account settings, and I am sorry this upset you.

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