New site does not want to let me post. *pokes it*

I have made carrot soup for the first time and it is Excellent.

Second day of classes. Feeling much more human than yesterday. Travel is hard. o.o

First semester of law school done!
Here's hoping I passed. >.> I have been having an extremely well timed weeks-long mental breakdown in which I handle stress by mature methods such as hiding and pretending not to exist. <.<

Home from the holidays. Odd sentence. I have tea and a possibly-sprained-or-broken toe. Sigh, life just keeps happening.

Home for the holidays, studying law textbooks moreagainstill.

Spending some semi-frantic days completely reorganizing and reworking my final term paper. Just took a nap and had a nightmare that the rat I had to turn in with the paper escaped into my apartment and pooped everywhere.
(I don't remember why I had to turn in a rat. I guess it's a metaphor.)

My stage: I have a Giant Post-It Note Wall. Each subpoint is a yellow postit, each fact is a pink post-it, each law citation is a green post-it. But I don't know how many citations to put with each sentence. o_o @skysailor?

How the heck does one do research papers, anyway.

Wyste has the rest of the day set aside to work on her end-of-term paper and a big pot of green tea.

Ten-years meme 

I have two classmates that look exactly the same per my excellence with faces - they both have beards - but they are actually two seperate people.
How do facial recognition.
(Heaven forbid one of them ever shave or wear a hat or something.)

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Netflix autoplays trailers and it is honestly really awful and I can't figure out how to change the setting.

I successfully went to my errand and completed it.
It helps to not be wandering around in an overloaded daze the whole time!

I need to go visit a trial court. I tried before and ended up wandering the courthouse in a sad pile of social anxiety, anyone ever gone to watch a trial who could give me etiquette/scripts? I suspect 'sneak in, obey posted signs.'

I am very happy to be challenging myself and getting on with my life and getting Out of my previous bad situation, but I am also Very Tired.

I went to a cat cafe! Cat cafes are super nice, but one does want to take home all the babies.

A very nice lady did a whole podfic of Problem of Potions, with music and voice effects and things. o_o *listens*

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