Morning, folks. Tea, pondering my year. How's it going?

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Feeling a little calmer today. Someday perhaps I will entirely transition out of the quiet screaming phase. >.>

Good morning, friends. I am feeling pretty good about life.

I got compliments on my freeform work today, I kept my hands up and my form relaxed. I am - actually beginning to move on the mat like I'm doing a martial art, I think? In terms of body angle, hand activity, keeping myself balanced from moment to moment.
It's excellent.

Unexpected evening in due to snowstorm. Thank you, snow storm. I needed a break.

Morning, folks. Stay warm out there. Or cool, if you're Australian.

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Wide Field View of Great American Eclipse

Image Credit & Copyright: Nicolas Lefaudeux #APoD

I am in a video meeting and it's an argument and I am hiding from it.

I am trying to balance a new part time job on top of swimming daily, aikido three times a week, and my regular day job. It's not /surprising/ I'm finding that challenging. I'm just... finding it challenging.

I'm super not immune to social pressure about job social rankings, which is why I don't aspire to be a plumber even if it is a good sort of essential job and we need more of them.

Also, musings on adulthood, the idea that adulthood somehow = happiness is not really... I don't think that's a thing? People are like 'childhood, so innocent, so pure' for a reason. Adulthood is not necessarily contentment. More bloody tooth and claw struggle, as far as I can tell.

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Sometimes I think that I'm in the minority these days, but the primary purpose of social media microblogging should be about talking to people and forming interpersonal relationships, not about Everyone Seeing You, or about Delivering Content, or about Being Influential.

Self-promotion and marketing is all well and good but it should be our secondary focus, not our primary one. Work is not life, business is not friendship, shouting from a soapbox is not conversation.

*gets off my soapbox*

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Matterhorn, Moon, and Meteor

Image Credit & Copyright: Stephane Vetter (Nuits sacrées), TWAN #APoD

Morning, folks. Trying to turn casual conversation protocols back on, bear with me. How're you?

I just got an offer for a part time job working on forest legislation life is great.

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