You can convince me to work on the weekend, but you can't convince me to turn on my Emote Like A Normal Person program on the weekend. I treasure my complete lack of expression or tone of voice. >.>

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Friends my readers are coming up with dramatic as f write-in options and I'm YES YOU GRASP THE CONCEPT.

As motivation to try to leave 24 hours between quest posts, I have told myself I have to finish my chores before posting.
I am getting a lot of chores done.

Vampire story continues quite good for my wordcount. Latest quote:
“Are you going to get in trouble for telling me about this?”
“I don’t know the modern rules, but it’s not likely. You’ll ‘get in trouble’ if you tell someone else, but vampires need people, so expecting us not to tell a few about ourselves would be stupid.”
“Need people. Like-“ she makes a hand gesture of little fangs and goes, “Nyar, nyar, nyar?”
You wish you’d figured out how to raise one eyebrow in a quelling fashion.

Good night, folks. I have had a very nice evening egging people on to discuss vampire mind power ethics and pragmatism. Sleep well.

@InspectorCaracal Thank you for voting to use your very useful superpowers. <3

Hello friends. I have written a lot today and it is great but also I have that particular kind of tired.

"Do they gain any useful information?" "10/100" "I'll take that as a no."

My vampire questers keep rolling hilariously low on information gathering rolls.

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Pet peeves about zombie fiction Show more

Vampire quest mechanics Show more

Vampire quest mechanics Show more

To talk about something other than my ongoing vampire quest game, I burnt a huge brush pile this afternoon.

This vote is the very first in my grand plan to make other people plot out this story for me. >.>

...this quest thing is doing good things for my wordcount output. o_o

Hrm. To leave vote open for more people to get in on it, or to keep momentum going by not doing a full 24 hours... hn.

I am going to have so much fun having my vampire running around into all these ongoing plotlines going '...why.'

I'm basically going to use all of these to populate the city so that wherever my players wander, there will be Things.

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