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So I'm sure you're all familiar with the UN projection of the Earth that puts the Arctic at the center and shows all the land, but let me present to you the inverse of that, the Spilhaus projection, which centers the map on Antarctica and shows the world's ocean as the single, continuous mass of water that it is.

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for halloween i'm going as a neurotypical person

ooOOOOoooh i'm going to imply something important and get upset when you didn't understand the subtext instead of just telling yooouuuu! ooOOOoOOooh you should spend more time outside your comfort zoooone! ooOOOOooooh you just need to stay pooositiiive

Autism moment: unexpected locked door on the way to class, which probably could be solved by knocking and engaging in brief conversation: nope out of there like the wind, because skipping class is preferable to a brief unscripted conversation.

It's amazing how many different emotional conotations one can include in fish tossing. Angry fish tossing. Supplicant fish tossing. Playful fish tossing.

Evening, folks. Another week down.
I was a witness in an arbitration competition and didn't flub any of my lines, yay.

Skipping aikido this week because combination of shoulder strain and cold = tiiired.

I had a really good nap this afternoon but I am really tired of spending studying time on naps. >.>

(It's funny, 'by the standards of me' came up in class today. Subjective vs objective judgement standards. I am realizing I am very pro-defendant.)

Really, though, I am being good about this cold, by standards of me. I am not forcing myself to do Extra Things and I am mooostly accepting physical limitations exist. >.>

I have a cold and I am behind on everything. Mrr.

I mean... I don't want the food. Do I want socialization? It might be nice, but I have had A Lot lately. Hrn.

I can't tell whether or not I want to go to this party this afternoon or skip it. Like. I genuinely cannot tell.

Someone both petty and obnoxious stole my usual seat for seating chart day and I've been hovering on the edge of meltdown for three hours.

Still in law school! It's starting to hit its stride now. Enjoying myself a lot, but still having moments where I don't think it is real.

I am successfully keeping my space clean. Now I just need to catch up on my homework and sort out this dojo thing. >.>

Saw the latest Spiderman a couple days ago. Very nice.

Got through the week, and am having luck setting up my desk with lots of post it notes and little bookmarks.

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