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Large bowl of food for me.

That feeling when you call someone for emotional support and they go ahead and use you for emotional support and you're like '...why would you do that.'

So, how would the Veil/Conspiracy/whatever really work, if it happened? Because the mind control method in Harry Potter is fundamentally creepy, and I just don't think secrets keep that well.

I really do need to be able to function this week.

My life is changing and it's mostly good or neutral changes but my brain is like 'Change >.<' and is just... freezing up.

Nearly finished with my pyramid floor lighting project. Birch trap doors from a mod.

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Ehehe, I came up with what I consider a reasonable premise for Harry and Voldemort getting along and it's dystopia and awful I love it.

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for years "mods are asleep" has been a joke relic from the forum days but the fediverse brings us to an era where the mods can let you know that they're awake by boosting your "mods are asleep" joke and then you can scold them to go to bed because you know their timezone and this isn't healthy

Morning, folks. I am reading about sitting in seiza, because I would like to be able to do that comfortably/without a lot of obtrusive shifting around.

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P1: Who puts in a rush request at 4:30 on a Friday?!


P1: Oh, it's another vampire thing.

P2: Goddamn vampires.

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The biggest problem with brain fog is having enough brain to recognize that you're foggy.

Some days I just really need someone to tell me what to do.

Cake update: found ice cream.

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Someone was talking about being supportive the other day and it's really the difference between Boromir and Sam. "I shall fix your problems with my manly man shoulders!" "I shall support you while you fix your own problems."

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Favorite bat-gadget: Bat Shark Repellent.

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@Wsteria All the hobbits are wonderful but he is the best Hero