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I’m presenting as a women in public for the first time

In an airport with hundreds of people

I’m presenting female in public for the first time

In an airport with hundreds of people

I got new replacements for my wigs which means the old ones can be sleeping wigs now. It feels so nice to go to bed and wake up with hair that I like :)

I cannot wait for fly season to be over

I got home from a movie at 12:30 AM and my room was a mess and my brain decided that right then was the time to do something about it.

So now it’s 5 AM and I’m going to bed in a somewhat cleaner room.

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Dear fashion industry, please stop holding me back from being the gay space octopus I was born to be.

These don’t come in my size and I’m MAD about it!

Really wish the GPD Win 2 was less expensive. I would love to have that tiny portable gaming pc.

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I love transparent electronics

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Speaking of technological aesthetics, there’s one in particular that has been and needs to continue coming back...


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Today is a bookkeeping day.

On the one hand, I hate the drudgery of doing financials. On the other hand it's brainless enough that I can listen to podcasts while doing it.

I’ve developed like a hundred crushes on here this week.

Tonight’s session went mostly well but I need to work on reducing downtime due to having to look up information.

DMing modules is nice in that it takes away some setting and plot prep work but I also feel you also then need to keep a bunch of knowledge in your head if you want things to run smoothly which I’m not currently the greatest at.

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Gonna cook supper and then prep for tonight's DnD session. We're running Tomb of Annihilation and I very much look forward to the prospect of siccing a dinosaur on the players.