Trying to work but to be honest all I want to do right now is be in bed snuggling with someone

Marty McFly exists in the Star Wars universe. He works as an ad man and is best known for his famous biomedical campaign. Show more

How did the paramedics see through the dying man’s lies?

They used the de-fib-rillator on him

I hate it when tea flavours let me down. Today I was hyped to try this blueberry ginseng tea and it was just bleh.

HRT adjustment so far: I’m tired a lot and have to pee a bunch

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I got a sales pitch via email from a company called "Legit Apps". Their name fills me with suspicion rather than confidence.

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If I worked at the SEC I would have fought really hard to make Elon and Tesla’s fines $21 million each so it totalled $420 x $100,000

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In six months I went from “eh, maybe I’ll wear a dress occasionally” to “gimme all the dresses”

I’m presenting as a women in public for the first time

In an airport with hundreds of people

I’m presenting female in public for the first time

In an airport with hundreds of people

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