Useful keyboard shortcuts for the web client that aren't documented in the panel yet, courtesy of @Gargron:

gb -> blocked accounts
gd -> direct messages
gf -> favourites,
gh -> home,
gl -> local timeline,
gn -> notifications,
gs -> getting started panel,
gt -> federated timeline
gm -> muted users,
gp -> pinned toots,
gu -> your profile

On which os? (is it possible with Windows or.. Other!? And if yes.. How?? Thanks!)

@YacYac @Gargron it's not useful for someone who uses smartphone (most people use it) so maybe for laptop's users will be more interesting
Thanks for sharing

@YacYac As someone with carpal tunnel @Gargron this is really appreciated.

@YacYac @Gargron note to self: document. maybe ask to add a "?" shortcut

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