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(Also my former profiles)

I write fantasy, dystopia, apocalypse, & romance; I blog about home improvement, which can be all 4 of those.

Live with 3 cats, 1 husband, & my imagination.

Writer, oenophile, cat-person.

See here - - for interests.

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What I am Writing, a brief Summary Show more

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Hi Guys!

I don’t autofollow back, but if you start up a conversation, I’m likely to follow you then.

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Hi, I’m Lyn (aldersprig).
I like

( )
(bread, cake, etc.)

(in theory) (slightly less theoretical), other

(see above)
and any you might have (see also above).

I live in cow country in the Finger Lakes, NY State, US.

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Addergoole/Fae Apoc: a primer Show more

“Stop making pictures, I demand belly rubs!”

Tell me what to Write/Do Today Show more

last days of the sunflowers in Dix park, Raleigh, NC

Right now this is one edge of a circle and the first... bit? in. It's not quite right, 'cause I misread "width" as "radius" on the circle generator I was using, but it's already nearly half past nine...

Gives me a building around 140-150 blocks in diameter and 40 stories tall.

Apartments around the outside ring, 16-20 per level, so...minimum of 576 or so apartments.

Then, moving inwards, shops/crafting spaces, animal pens, farmland.

Help, I started designing an arcology in minecraft in my mind.

Double help, I think it just ended up being like... a large building

If you enjoyed my kelpie and want more horsey fantasy, @Teryl_Pacieco wrote a really fun unicorn story today.

Also they put out new microfiction *every day* and it's amazing, so they're worth checking out regardless if you want a little more magic in your life!

St. Bernard Pass, 2469m. We did see dogs but they didn’t have booze. 😭 Luckily, we are packing cognac from breakfast. 😆 #TheAlps2019

The notable part about last night's was trying to learn to teleport by walking down one stretch of road and remembering the sensations of another. So trying to turn this strange road's shoulder into the stretch near my cousin's house back home.


The horse snorted and struck its hoof on the ground. 'You think I mean to drown you.'

'That's what you are, isn't it?'

'And what are you?' asked the horse. 'An office man, some would say. Yet here you are, feral and bargaining with a riverside fae.'

'Bargaining?' The man's question was cautious.

'You are running, are you not? I will bear you to whatever you seek, if you give me one thing in trade.'


'Friendship,' the horse replied. 'I sense you need it as much as I.'

His feet were sore and blistered in his shredded shoes. His shirt was bramble-torn and leaf-stained, his trousers dirty and frayed.

The river was a mirage-like solace, too good to be true. He knelt on the bank and lowered cupped hands into the cool water.

After he had drunk his fill, he turned to see a horse, fur as dark as the blackest mud, with rushes tangled in its mane.

'I've heard of you,' said the man. 'I won't ride you, no matter how sore I am.'


I napped for a while,
then read in bed for a bit,
then laid in bed talking to T for a while.

Now I am going to write those 76 words.

A penny saved is a penny earned! Unless you are a member of the CryptoPenny™ nano-investment club. Once enrolled, every penny earned gets "invested" with our patented QuantumScythe™ penny harvester. We don’t know how it works AT ALL, but 7 out of 10 times when you reconstitute the penny you get a second “shadow penny” that behaves just like a normal penny only angrier. Limited space, sign up today!

Before I can tonight, I need to
write 76 words
Strip the bed and replace the sheets, put sheets in the wash

Second iteration
load dishwasher

A spaceship landed, and an alien emerged.
"Greetings," it said, "um. We apologise for abducting your leader. We did not notice her coming aboard when we were here last week."
A cat emerged from the spaceship and sat down to clean her paws.
"Here she is," the alien said.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

For @b

Everything was ruined. Voldemort's stepson had encrypted their entire database costing them years of work indexing every beecat species in the wizarding world.

"Albus, you did remember to set up a backup schedule, right?" Scorpius asked suddenly.

Albus' eyes widened in shock. "I thought you did that?"

"Dumbledore's old socks! What are we gonna do? How will we ever get our data back?"

They both yelled in unison: "TIME-TURNERS!"

i can't do hair but i think he turned out nice and grumpy :blobowo:

alastor moody and his magical eye, as i imagined him when reading 'harry potter'

#painting #digitalpainting #madewithkrita #art #mastoart #harrypotter

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