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What I am Writing - a Summary Updated 

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(Also my former profiles)

I write fantasy, dystopia, apocalypse, & romance; I blog about home improvement, which can be all 4 of those.

Live with 3 cats, 1 husband, & my imagination.

Writer, oenophile, cat-person.

See here - - for interests.

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Hi Guys!

I don’t autofollow back, but if you start up a conversation, I’m likely to follow you then.

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Hi, I’m Lyn (aldersprig).
I like

( )
(bread, cake, etc.)

(in theory) (slightly less theoretical), other

(see above)
and any you might have (see also above).

I live in cow country in the Finger Lakes, NY State, US.

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Addergoole/Fae Apoc: a primer 

Guys I still don't know what color I should in the rivers in and I'm out of non-river stuff except mountains, which I also don't know what color I'm going to ink.

What should I Do/Write Next? (On the Bus) 


Running away from cannibals came to mind. Then again, running away from cannibals came to mind at all the most inopportune moments. Nathen wondered if he’d ever forget that.

Is it just me or are vaccinations kinda like super powers?

Also, pretty sure my collectors instincts are involved.


I do love when I remember to share last-line-of-this-bit-of-writing bits.

This one:

She'd been very thorough in her research, then.  Bugger.

by the time I am done writing this fanfic, I will know how to spell both McGonagall and inheritance

Hey Folks Folks have you seen this game by my friend at @GlassDragonStudios?

The Witch's Cottage: a small room-escape game in Twine, about getting oneself stuck in an herb witch's house.

Free on itchio

What should I Do/Write Next? 


Power was out this morning for... approximately the 2 hours normally used for getting ready!

It's out again.

Weirdly, it's a bright and cheerful day out and not very chilly.


On my today:


My Dear Aunt Tathin,

I was so pleased to receive your letter last Tuesday. It is kind of you to think of me when you are undergoing such an unfortunate series of ailments. I do hope you improve quickly....
A coded letter from an Informer in Things Unspoken to her contact.

Hey patrons! All up-to-date now.

This week's Merlin post features intense up-close-and-personal cuddles with my extremely needy familiar. It's a very first-hand perspective. Enjoy!

🐈 🔒

If you're not a patron yet, only $1 a month will get you access to all my posts AND every book I publish.

And I'm only $1 away from hitting my first target!

Sneaky peeks:

walking out of a job interview the moment i discover their dress code isn't even hashed. it exists as a plain text file!

"enjoy having the russians hack your casual Friday!" i shout to a confused receptionist on the way out.

"So tired, maybe I should nap through this 5 minutes break," I think,

and then I remember @InspectorCaracal's advice and walk a little loop, head outside, walk another loop, and come back in just the right amount of time.

age check. how old are you, my friends

"Dad, there's a monster under my bed!"
"Oh? What does it want?"
"Wait, I'll ask..."
"It's afraid of the Roomba."
"Yeah. I'll build a Lego wall for it to hide behind."
"But dad!"
"Tomorrow. I'll turn the Roomba off for tonight."
"It says thanks!"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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