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Hi Guys!

I don’t autofollow back, but if you start up a conversation, I’m likely to follow you then.

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I believe that every human being has a right to live.

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Hi, I’m Lyn (aldersprig).
I like

( )
(bread, cake, etc.)

(in theory) (slightly less theoretical), other

(see above)
and any you might have (see also above).

I live in cow country in the Finger Lakes, NY State, US.

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Bonus: I managed to leave home at exactly the right time to hit the closest Ithaca has to rush hour traffic.


Argh self, you were supposed to be OUT of the shower by now, not not-yet-into-it.

"There are holy places, where you can find solace, comfort, and wisdom."
"No church will offer my kind sanctuary."
"I speak of libraries."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

#DailySketchChallenge day 18: EXPERIENCE

Experience is that which allows you to recognize a screw-up every time you've just done it again.

#Krita #MastoArt #Art

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Halfway through the date, she'd say "The reason I am here is to say you are the Chosen One."
When someone reacted correctly, they would be.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

I have a hard-drive dock that looked a bit dull, so I repainted it as DisembAudio, the toaster-shaped, robot-voiced mascot of RiffTrax. Now my data can sync in style.

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If you mixed human ashes into concrete (say, to make a cornerstone for a building) would the concrete still set properly? How much corpse-ash would you need to add before it started to compromise structural integrity?

There is an 🚫 up on my phone's ... Little bar with battery and wifi and stuff and I have no idea what it's ...oh!!

bienvenue les 28 et 29/09 2018 à l'exposition

Montez au 22ème étage, et venez découvrir les derniers travaux de Romain Simon en profitant des derniers rayons du soleil du crépuscule, dans un espace brut et atypique, en dégustant un cocktail au son des tambours électroniques du collectif "Boom Shankar".

Entrée Gratuite à partir de 18h.

World Trade Center (Tour 1/2, 22ème étage)
Boulevard du Roi Albert II,1000 Bruxelles

I want a girl with the right haubergeon
I want a girl with a good curiass
At Petit court we will meet accidentally
We'll start to talk when she borrows my arbalest

i want a girl with a short sword and a loooooooooooongsword

\      /\
  )   (   ' )
(   /    (