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(Also my former profile)

I write fantasy, dystopia, apocalypse, & romance; I blog about home improvement, which can be all 4 of those.

Live with 3 cats, 1 husband, & my imagination.

See here - - for interests.

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Hi Guys!

I don’t autofollow back, but if you start up a conversation, I’m likely to follow you then.

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Hi, I’m Lyn (aldersprig).
I like

( )
(bread, cake, etc.)

(in theory) (slightly less theoretical), other

(see above)
and any you might have (see also above).

I live in cow country in the Finger Lakes, NY State, US.

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Addergoole/Fae Apoc: a primer Show more

workin on a portrait of Laszlo for @magpietongue and @LaureltheRadish (and me) because I've been thinking a lot about him lately. Laszlo was originally teenage Ezra's character and was overhauled by Ezra and Laurel years ago into the space-faring kiss boy he is today; he's kind of a shared baby.

Tell me what to write tomorrow :-D Show more

One more for the evening! Show more

On the plus side, Sirius holding a whole bunch of babies and toddlers in the Addergoole creche is like my favorite mental image this week.

Husband is out mowing the lawn.


This is a surprisingly wonderful thing.

While I'm talking about all my -

on , there is a repost story for all to read.

Leaving Home - a vignette of Cloverleaf and .
Leaving the farm. That never happened. That was never supposed to happen.

; it's but you can read lots more with :-)

Today I have been loads! Or at least posting loads...

My goes to continues!

Chapter 15: Porter.

It's time for the Addergoole students to prove how much they've learned of wand magic. But at least one professor has an ulterior motive.

The Strongest Hero Doesn't Spend Time Fighting Evil Foes. He Spends Time Interuppting Battles to Give New Suits To The Heroes And Villains So That They Don't Fight Naked.
#writingprompts #writing

So I'm a Harry Potter fanfic transporting 6 potterites into my Addergoole setting (and 4 addergoolians into Hogwarts) and which adults do I pick?

Sirius and Narcissa.

This is - uh
I could have been nicer to myself

I am
Looking for
⚪New life and civilizations
⚪The Fifth light
⚪Celtris III 
⚪The Celestial Temple
⚪The Final Frontier

honestly think Barry should just ask everyone he meets where they were when the accelerator exploded #theFlash

Hey friends, since I have almost no friends on Mastodon, promo me and help me find people.

I'm a furry artist and musician who's into programming, and video games. My tastes are very eclectic so I'm into most things.

I saw this so you all have to see it now. My condolences.

And a what-to-write for the evening Show more

Looking for a prompt for another story.

Should be on one of the following themes:
(but pref. not "garden gates'" I've done that one a lot)


hey artisty types, anyone have any good refs or tuts on drawing shirt sleeves so I don't have to spend the next hour looking through a million images trying to find something helpful

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