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Lyn 🌻 Sun-Flower @aldersprig

You know what I hate?

That “nice guy” no longer means, well, a guy who is nice to you.

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@ignitionigel generally the guy saying “Girls don’t like nice guys, they like assholes.”

@aldersprig @ignitionigel *pops up out of nowhere* The term "nice guy" has become a common-place idiom meaning, essentially, "a guy who thinks that he is entitled to better treatment/more attention because he doesn't act like an asshole in public".

@aldersprig I prefer to think of it as an unhelpful homonym.

@Wsteria That is an interesting way of thinking of it!

@aldersprig Why Lyn my dear why don't you do as I do and say "he's a decent sort of chap altogether" instead.