@aldersprig But... I like cold tea. :) Nothing like two hour old Earl Grey with creamer and sugar.

@aldersprig I wish I'd seen this post 45 minutes ago... 馃嵉

@aldersprig The difference between tea and coffee is that tea is still good after it gets cold.

@aldersprig imgdesc: This post is to remind you about your cup of tea. It's sitting there somewhere, going cold. Drink it before u regret it.

@aldersprig I need a reminder to remove the tea bag 馃槀

@jrswab @aldersprig a mug that has a egg timer base, so that tyou twist the base so it is on 3 minutes to brew and it rings. That's what I need.

@CorvusRobotica @jrswab I just got used to the taste of it stewed. Cold, however, I can鈥檛 quite stand.

@aldersprig Why thank you! There was only a little bit left and it was oh-so-close to getting too cold to drink. Your reminder was much appreciated! 馃嵉

@aldersprig A lot of folks love tea, but hate the crushing disappointment of tea made cold from too long on the desk.

@entreprelife tea warmer! My husband has one, although like 90% of the time he just uses the wood stove.

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