If you delete patreon,
as a hashtag on twitter seems to suggest,
how will this affect the people you are currently patronizing?
If everyone who reads your hashtag does the same… how will THAT affect them?

Do they have ko-fi? Paypal subscriptions? Is Dwolla still around?

I mean, you COULD mail them cash monthly, but the USPS at least does not rec that and stamp prices are going up.

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@aldersprig i'm having a split reaction between "what are people mis-characterizing now" (after the Dec '17 debacle) and "did they actually do something this time, this is why infrastructure chokepoints make me nervous"

@snipejaeg Well, I don’t remember Dec ‘17 being a mischaracterization, just a backpedal, but I might be missing something.

It appears that someone said something on Twitter and Patreon banned them for saying nasty shit.

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