In the year 2042 a cure for every thing but aging was made and sent out to the public and in reaturn for this you must get a chip inplanted on you to track you but it had a side effect, it makes all women infertile, the year is now 2062 and you are trying to find a cure while not being killed.
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It wasn’t that I minded for myself. I’d been 66 when The Cure Chip came out, way past fertility. I was 86 now and nothing hurt; what’s more, I was /still living/. I was happy.

But for billions of women, infertility was an issue. For the PLANET, it was a problem. Not everyone had taken The Cure Chip, of course. But that 1.5% could not populate the world.

Before arthritis, before MS, I’d liked climbing. Today, I climbed up the side of a 3-mile tower to find the cure to the Cure.

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