Every potion has side effects.

Some are benign--you light up a bit for a couple months or years after using a dark-sight potion.

Some are weird--you grow horns after using some strength potions.

Some are dangerous-- think fire potions.

They carry over the placenta, & sometimes they stick FOREVER on the kids.

Tifa's mother was a fighter on a rough circuit; she used every potion she could get. The kid lives in a reinforced room with flame-proof toys. She's started asking for a pet...

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@aldersprig uh

I dunno? I wasn't being passive aggressive, just horrified. >.>

@InspectorCaracal I knew you weren't, you don't do that. 🍏
I was second-guessing posting it if I wasn't the only one that found it horrifying.

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@aldersprig in this case the main horror elements are just that the cost/benefit of potions is way too expensive and yet people use them anyway and doom their offspring (why is she even having a child while working a fight circuit? or are the side effects permanent? in which case the cost/benefit is WAY too expensive?????) to being mutants who likely won't be able to socialize with other humans

@aldersprig Was the choice of Tifa having a fighter mother deliberate? There's a rather popular brawler called Tifa in fiction...

@JordiGH nope! I keymashed a name ! also, in one of my extant settings, fighters use potions to buff

@DialMforMara @aldersprig a dragon is more "friend" than "pet". they would probably get along well, though

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