“It’s not QUITE reinventing the wheel.” Cary didn’t look up. Explaining was already taking too much time.

“But we already have all of this. Don’t we?” The problem with Toni wasn’t a lack of intellect, just a lack of imagination & patience.

“We have a wheel,” Cary tried, “for a world in which a circle will spin smoothly around its center. I don’t know if you noticed, but the rules seem to have changed.”

“Circles still-”

“Yes. It’s a poor metaphor. Wheels still work.  However-” 


Cary waved a hand through the pinkish air. “-that can’t be said for much of anything else.”

“But what are you going to-?”

“I’m creating a wheel for a world in which triangles spin best. If you can’t help, maybe you ought to work on roofs when rain falls upwards.”

That, at least, had already happened twice. 

Toni wandered off, blessedly, leaving Cary to consider the “wheel” of FOOD in a world in which oxygen was now poisonous, all while VERY quietly cursing the fae.


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