The sunset was orange and the sun was red as the two ships moved closer. So orange, the flag of parlay could barely be seen against the sky. Yonpler could, if she squinted, see the three black lines and the white diagonal on the orange background.

In some sense, it didn't matter. Yonpler's ship was flying the same orange flag, and no-one would attack someone flying that hue. Only the parley flags were orange; no-one could claim they had made a mistake of identification, sunset or no.



The fact that the other ship was an Imperial Cruiser did not change the Laws of the Pirates.

The waves had already started to rise as the ships aligned. Yonpler stepped up to the gangplank and waited; Imperial Captains were known for showboating.

When the military Captain showed, she surprised Yonpler by bowing. "Captain Redia Yonpler. We need you."

"The Empire can go twist itself." Pirates answered to no nation, no crown.

"The Empire does not need you, Captain. (2/3~)

"We do." A gesture took in the Imperial Captain and her crew. "We of the sea ask you for this."

Yonpler froze. Few words could MAKE a Pirate listen. Those were some of those few.

"I of the sea am listening."

"We need a translator to avoid a war. The only ones known of who can speak the language of the podkayne are you and your crew. And the pod do not speak any Imperial tongue. Of course," she smiled, "there's coin for the job."

"Well then." Yonpler grinned: THOSE were the other words.

@aldersprig ooh! A navy ship going to a pirate for help. I wonder just how creatively that will be reported.

@LilFluff "made best use of available resources to speak with the now-allied peoples."

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