The sun was making a rare and spectacular appearance when Jasper climbed up to the roof of the House.

Mélanie was in the vegetable garden, muttering at weeds & coaxing cucumber vines up a trellis, with the company of one of their newly-rescued former slaves. Two others were out in the pasture playing with the horses & a fourth was raking the side lawn, as if eager for something, anything to do.

"I hope-" He wasn't yet in the habit of talking to the house,



but he had a feeling he was going to have to get so. She was more AWAKE than she had been ever before, more attentive. "-I hope you're okay with the company. I wasn't really expecting on bringing them home, but-"

"Shh." The word was clear even if the source wasn't. "Shh." The roof rippled and shifted, knocking Jasper lightly onto his back. It was, he was unsurprised to find, a very comfortable roof. "Shh."

Able to take a hint, Jasper relaxed in the sunshine, quiet for once in his life.

@aldersprig awww, even Jasper can pipe down occasionally. :D

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