Arthur, Once and Future King, rose from his dreamless sleep on the Hidden Isle, to answer Britain's time of need.
"Are you lost," he asked the people, "in need of a strong charismatic leader to show the way?"
"Truly, you are not. You never were."
And he went back to sleep.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories


For a century - for half a millennium - the British discussed his words (the WORLD discussed his worlds).

"He means we have our own leader here!" claimed someone not as charismatic as they wanted to be - but trying hard to be a good leader, the leader King Arthur would approve of.

"He means we can never be lost, for we are the center," claimed another, not as insightful as they wanted to be - but trying hard.

And so they debated -- and led themselves out of their darkness.


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