The sky and the ocean melded into one blue. The Podka had vanished, or run back to their village, or grown fins and jumped into the water. Cpt. Rava didn't care which right now; they'd left her & the Pirate Captain here and, despite how tiny the island LOOKED from the sea, the two of them had been walking for hours and were, if anything, even more lost.

And now the damn pirate had squatted down and was digging with her knife.

"What are you even doing?" Rava snapped. 

Yonpler didn't look up. "Foraging. You should start on a shelter, too. That last thing they sang--that 'benediction?'"

"Religious in nature, you thought."

"Yeah, I'm thinking I was wrong. The Bad Rain is coming, & we aren't getting back before it gets here. We need food and shelter, & we need enough of both for at least a week. So, Captain, I'd hurry."

Rava looked at the sky. It was blue, unrelieved blue. She looked back at Yonpler & started gathering branches and brush to build a shelter.

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