1/3: Grim(oire)

Before the Mess, before the Dust, Bo’d known nothing about bookbinding.

Then, Bo had been a dabbler in spells, knowing 3 new-age ones that got mostly imagined results. Then, Bo’d been a decent programmer & a tolerable handball player & married.

Now, Bo gathered up newsprint used to wrap ceramics, cut leather from a coat with too many bullet holes to be salvageable & too many memories to try, and carefully trimmed boards from the back of a ruined pressboard bookshelf.


Now, they snuck through checkpoints and slid under barriers, climbed over fences and were very good at the spell that could slow or stop bullets. Now they made ink from walnuts or from berries, once — only once — from blood and often eeked out of the backs of broken pens. They cut quills from old tin cans and cat-litter bins. And everywhere they went, they wrote.

Isah, they’d scribe in fading brown, for peace. Teru Isah bena, to calm someone.


They scribed runes carefully and copied each one as many times as they had paper, and then, when they had enough, they bound everything together.

luro, to seal, they wrote on both covers, Tela, to hide, and then they’d leave the completed grimoire with their current host and move on.

At night, copying over all the pages, every time they could find more paper, they whispered Alet, to love, and let their tears thin the ink.

The above brought to you by last night's poll and inspired by those that came prior, Po(r)tioned and Wav(er)ing and so on.

You can find more of this world and other Tiny Tales here - (along with longer )

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@aldersprig This has a lyrical, atmospheric feel to it. <3

Also you posted while I was asleep! D:

@vicorva also: sorry! They've been creeping later and later,; I'll try to get one in before your bedtime today ;-)

(Should I assume 5-6 hours before mine at 9:30 Eastern?)

@aldersprig Hehehe, you don't need to, I was just being troublesome XD It was lovely to wake up to.

I'm 4 hours later than you, it looks like. :)

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