The shelves go on forever, here in the Hall of the Lost.
There are so many beautiful things on them. So much faith, love, hope, and patience.
All lost.
And people.
Like me. Like him.
Since we found each other here, we can never lose each other.
We found a home. Like people do.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories


We never want for socks, in the Hall of the Lost, or pens, or memories, or time.

We made a bed of lost socks & padded it with lost love, lost patience, the sweet sunlight of a day lost to woolgathering & the quiet birdsong of a dream forgotten.

We play marbles, basketball, chess. We always lose, but we play anyway.

And in the darkness of the time of lost evenings, lost nights, lost time, we hold each other & promise we'll always take the time to find anything important.


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