Teal Calculations

Arka and Vika stared at the island. Their captain had been gone too long, never a good thing. Captain Yonpler sometimes adventured, sometimes parlayed, & always brought them back a juicy take no matter where they went. But when she was gone for more than a night, the crew braced for trouble.

“Can’t get the ship too close.” Arka eyed the place where the water went from blue to teal, measuring thus with more skill than most had with tools. “But the boat—”



“Can only get 10 on the boat. What about that edge there? We might be able to sidle up to the cliff...”
“Get close and drop a sounding line,” Arka agreed. It was going to be tricky; it was going to be dangerous.

Vika gestured to the sailor on the rigging. “Ten degrees to port and take her in slow; light the anti-beacons!”

If they’d wanted to have peaceful, safe, easy lives, they would’ve stayed on land and never sought out the places where the blue met the teal and sometimes turned red.

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oh! And this one was written to @archadia's prompt of Teal for the color and calculate for the verb!

Thank you @archadia

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