Hello all,
as , , and#NanoWrimo draw nearer, a reminder (and a request to make my life easier):

Please, PLEASE put in image descriptions.

In the web interface, when you have inserted an image (this part varies, check your instance or ask your instance admin)

if you mouse over it, there is a field that says "describe for the visually impaired"
you click the "edit" button.

In TUSKY, it's the A✔️ in the bottom right of the image thumbnail.

(This makes my life easier because I am trying VERY HARD to only boost images that have image descriptions)


The text limit there is entirely separate from the toot's character descriptions.

FINAL NOTE on image descriptions:

If you cannot figure out your instance or ap's image description method (I'm not sure if Subway Tooter has one, for instance), a note at the end of your toot is also fine.

Attached image is a generated cartoon bird at a typewriter.

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