"Magic isn't just something you can scavenge, like cans hidden under a shelf—"

"I prefer salvage—like selvage, holding yourself together at the edges."

"Whatever you call it, you can't just FIND Magic, ok?"

"We found that potions set-up."

"Yeah, we did. You couldn't do anything with it, could you? It's not like science—you have to be the right person, y'know."

Magic existed; the End had told them that.

Magic was only for the right people; example had shown that.


Lis had read The Hobbit at 8 & Ogre, Ogre at 10; she didn't need to be told about magic - and had never believed it was only for /some/ people.

She stroked a thin gold ring that was nobody's Precious; she climbed to the top of a building, to the edge of the roof, to the edge of herself.

Lis closed her eyes. Gold ring on her pointing finger, she drew a rune she'd seen wizards use, whispered a word she'd heard them shout~~


~followed it with one she'd only read once (salvaged, like a tin can).

It had to work, because they needed it. It had to work, because magic was real and she wanted it more than anything.

It had to work, because if magic had taken everything, it had to give her this.

It had to work — and, at the edge of herself, Lis spread new wings and took to the sky, brown feathers flapping against the air.


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You can find more of the Magic in the End and other here: (along with longer )

If you dig what I'm laying down, please consider sliding some dough my way, dropping a couple bills in my pot or my can.

@aldersprig :blobaww: Awesome! Love the magic in the apocalypse, love the experimental magic angle, LOVE anything that involves feathery wings. 💙

@vicorva *grins* Thank you!

And I thought you might like the wings! She was gonna have black feathers... but then since I named her (*whispers**whispers*) I figured she needed the proper color wings.

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