Husband sent me this and all I could think is "it's a new variation on Theory and "

@aldersprig it's a pentary system!

Onek + threek = fork
Fork + fork = onekthreek
Threek + twok = onekspoon

@aldersprig i've started using forks are a variation of spoons like "no forks to give" in my mind forks are more involved, useful, complex spoons. The next spoon level up if you will.

@moss I've heard "no forks to give" before and I really enjoy it with the whole cutlery drawer metaphor.

@moss @aldersprig

I tend to use knives as the emotional component. Ironically, I rarely have a lot of knives. (Forks, I'm a bit better with. Spoons are variable.)

@sydneyfalk @aldersprig i'd imagine knives are what i use to correct misgendering or enforce a boundary.

@aldersprig Never realized it could be simplified to a point system!

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