Yan was out of cinnamon, a crime against baking, but she was also out of white orchid petals, arguably more urgent a matter: she used the petals in 3 potions: an antidepressant, a topical wound-healer, & an antibacterial.

She put the kettle on to boil anyway. Any chance at a hothouse was at least a year out, so she was going to have to get clever.

She winced at her dwindling supply of vanilla beans. A good idea, but then she'd have to find a substitute for them as well.

So: plants that were associated with sex organs, petals that were white & fragrant- prior experimentation had taught her that substitutes’ connections might be thin, but there would always BE a connection.

Yan spread out every combination that might work & wouldn’t poison her patients. When the scavengers went out again, she’d have to ask them to try for spices and seeds.

If she was going to be experimenting with substitutions, she'd need all the options she could get.

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