Even before the Dust came, they had protection runes on the old factory.

Then, it was because the cops looked poorly on unlicensed spell-work.

Early-Dust, they painted protection over all of it: Red lines for a spell of clean air. Potions poured on brick to make it impervious. Orange lines of warmth, comfort.

Inside, they added blankets and cots, cleaned & repaired windows, swept out years of grime.

Outside, CJ repeated the runes for safety & murmured ancient words-making the~

~hideout a refuge for all.

That done, gas masks on, they moved towards the neighborhoods: potions poured on roads to clean groundwater, runes of protection sprayed on intersections, spells of "let us breathe" cast down the yellow lines.

A cop stopped CJ & she panicked—’til he handed her fresh spraypaint & took up guard. “Protect,” he offered. “And serve.”

They made sure the police station was within their blue line, the spell that said LIFE.

And still they worked outwards.


Previous brought to you by yesterday's poll and part of my ongoing "potions and the apocalypse" story-line of .
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@aldersprig I really love this setting. It feels really truly sci-fi post-apoc, but the magic gives it a wildly different feel.

@vicorva *smile* Thank you! (Also thank you for listening to my 🎣 fishing for comments 💚 )

@aldersprig Lol, it's okay! I'm glad you were fishing, it alerted me to the existence of your microfiction!

@vicorva So this amuses me so I'll share it: I chose to say "cop" rather than "police officer" for character count (like the one named character is Cj) and that changed the feel of the story.

Tho I didn't want to call it a cop shop.

@aldersprig could take a note out of #TerryPratchett's #Discworld and call it a Watch House. :)
Loved the story :) Thanks for sharing, and
@vicorva thanks for boosting. :)

@FiXato @vicorva oh good call, that's less characters! I had to WORK to get this one in 2 toots.

I'm glad you liked it! :-D :D

'precinct' would probably have worked too, though I guess technically it would've been a 'precinct *house*'.

I agree btw that 'cop' gives it a bit different feel; less formal, I think. Can't decide whether it makes it sound friendly, or rather less trustworthy...

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