The cat circled CJ as she was painting runes on the sidewalk.

"Careful, Kitty."  The cat was big, black... sparkling? Glittering as if it had been dusted in iridescence.

It looked up at CJ, looked at her runes, & deliberately placed a paw on the Ur she'd just painted.

"Kitty!"CJ repaired the rune; as she painted it, she began the chant that would seal the spell here.

The cat regarded her, meowed, & placed a paint-smeared paw firmly on the ground just after her Ur.


CJ stuttered her chant; the cat meowed again.

Power surged from its sparkles & from the pawprint to join CJ's magic in the shield.

She finished the chant to meowing backup, dug in her pocket, and found jerky to share with the cat.

The shield protecting their air was stronger than she'd ever cast before; its black-blue sheen glittered.

"Keep that up, kitty, and there's some tuna in it for you."

The cat meowed.  CJ took that as agreement and moved on to her next spell-site.

The above is courtesy Monday's poll and part of the ongoing series in the Potions-and-the- setting (Thanks to @vicorva for the suggestion).

The kitty is inspired by

you can find more here -

If you like what I do here; check out my Great / NanoWrimo Prompt Call!

@aldersprig LYN THIS IS EVEN BETTER THAN I IMAGINED. Ahh, the cat is doing MAGIC. Does this mean Cat's have personal runes? I get the impression this isn't a magical cat -- it's just a regular cat and regular cats can do magic. Is that the case?

I'm so into this.

@vicorva I don't know! In this setting the Apocalyptic Fall did something to Some Creatures, and it may have to the kitty, on the other hand, it may be a normal kitty who just... has magic. Meow.

Also, Ur is a great rune for tootfic.

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