“There’s three of them now.”

DJ didn’t walk up to Zoe, she danced, 3 too-big cats twisting in and out between her legs, rubbing against her and batting at each other.

The black one glittered; the grey one glowed; the calico gave off an air of unrestrained menace.

“They have their own runes,” she added. Zoe was working on a potions lab; Dj pulled out a tin of paint and set it down for the cats.

She drew her own three runes — Raido, Laguz, Teiwaz; Zoe picked out the scents of~

~grass & peat in the paint. The cats each dipped a paw in the paint and, left, right, & top, marked the line with their own distinct paw-print.

“And their own chants.”

The four-part harmony with DJ’s spell was not, exactly, musical. Nor was it pleasant.

What it was, however, was powerful. The air cleared; Zoe felt more awake and aware immediately.

“But, ah.” DJ shifted foot to foot. “I think they want our help clearing out this place they hunt.”

The above brought to you by yesterday's Poll! (And @vicorva's interest in cat magic again!)

If you like what I write, may I suggest you check out my Great NanoWrimo Prompt Call & drop a couple dollars in my cup?

@aldersprig Even more magical kitties! Ooh, this was really cool! I love the idea of a cat-harmony incantation. :D

@vicorva In my head, the grey one is my Oli-cat :catocracy: but made more magical; the black one is both Mrt and her father-tomcat somehow, and the calico is the kitty I had as a child-tween-teenager, Puddin.

(Puddin came with that name from my dad's older sister and had been mistreated as a kitten; she hated people. All people. Except my mom. Also all other cats. She lived to a ripe old age and passed when I was in my 20s.)

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